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Google rolls out ChromeOS 107: New features it brings for Chrome desktop users



Chrome 107

Google Chrome is the most popular and used browser yet. The Company used to bring new updates to add improvements at regular intervals. Now, the Company is all set to release Chrome 107 Update, which includes new features and improvements for a better user experience. Here’s everything new the latest update brings:

Chrome 107 New Features

Save Desk for Later

Google has introduced a new Save Desk for later feature. Upon clicking the button above the leftmost window, the users will redirect to the Save for the later screen. It also lets the users see a row of favicons, assign the name, and check its creation date.

Presentations will be more Convenient.

Google is trying to make Presentations simpler and more convenient by providing efficient tools to developers. Selecting a tab while video conferencing is going to be easy. You need to tap on the single button and switch right to it. The browser also introduces a warning that video calling tools can use to give a heads up when you accidentally share the tab you are videoconferencing in, creating the infamous hall of mirrors effect.

The Video Conferencing platform will also simplify the list of all the possible screens and tabs that can be shared with teammates. The most relevant tabs that you want to share will surfaced higher.

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HEVC Hardware Decoding

Google is interested in supporting High-Efficiency Video Coding format. HEVC, referred to as H.265, is the best option for better performance. This feature is available on Android 5 or later, macOS 11 or higher, and selected ChromeOS and Windows.

Simpler Login Workflows

Switching between different login methods depending on the site is quite annoying. Google is trying to make this process simpler. Chrome 107 will solve this problem by allowing you to log in with either method on one single interface and log in with a passkey.

Import Passwords on Desktop

Chrome 107 will let you import passwords from Password Manager and other browsers. The Company is working for a long to bring this ability.

How to do this:

To do this, export a CSV file from your old password storage solution and then upload that in the passwords section of Chrome’s settings, accessible under the chrome://settings/passwords link.

Other Changes

  • The Company is working on a new Merge Feature so that users can combine opened desks.
  • Accent letters can be accessed by long pressing the Virtual Keyboard. It is also possible through physical keys
  • If by mistake you close the tab that you don’t want, don’t fret as Chrome 107 arrives with an Undo button
  • Chrome 107 is going to say goodbye to Android 6 Marshmallow

How to get Chrome 107 Update?

If you are accessing the Chrome browser, the update will be going to roll out automatically.

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