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Google Search introduces a special Diwali 2022 Easter egg



Easter Eggs

Google has released an Easter egg, or a hidden feature, on its search engine to dive into the spirit of the festival of lights. People who now type ‘Diwali’ on the search will see an earthen lamp that is already lit, as part of the result.

It simply asked users to search for “Diwali” on either the Google website or the app. When you type “Diwali” and hit the Search button, Google will bring information about the festival in a snippet on your screen. On a mobile device, you would see a diya (earthen lamp) next on the right side inside the snippet, while on the desktop version, the diya is right next to where it says “Diwali” and “festivity” under it. This lamp is animated, but there’s more.

You click or tap on the lamp to reveal the easter egg. The diya begins to move on the screen while eight more such lamps (in different sizes) appear on the screen. You can move the lamp using the mouse on the desktop and your finger on a mobile phone’s screen. Your goal is to light all the lamps to reveal what looks like a constellation of burning lamps.

Google will treat its fans with such Easter eggs for other Search keywords

In a tweet via its Twitter account, the search engine giant hinted at this surprise feature was rolled out in India. A nearly identical feature was rolled out by Google in time for Diwali 2020.

The Easter egg has nice animation and it also represents Google’s efforts toward making the Search website for India more engaging. Google will likely keep this cool new animation for Diwali 2022 searches for sometime after the festival takes place, but there is no exact date as to when it will end.

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On the Occasion of Holi, Google put a water balloon right next to the information about the festival in the snippet. Tapping or clicking on the balloon would splash colors on the screen to symbolize Holi.

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