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Google Search New Features Will Help Users Learn A New Word Daily: Check How To Enable It




  • Google now wants to teach you a new word daily with this new feature.
  • Google Search’s new function helps users learn new English terms on a daily basis through notifications.
  • Users who have subscribed will receive daily notifications with new terms.

Google Search has a new feature that will help you learn new words easily. It will essentially send alerts of new words daily with the meaning behind them and some interesting facts as well. The new feature is quite similar to the app that shares a new word daily for users to learn about.

How to subscribe to the Google Search feature?

To enable the notifications, simply open Google Search, and type Define ahead of a word whose meaning you are looking for. You will see a bell icon in the top right corner which you should select to sign up for new words every day. You can also turn off the notifications by pressing on the bell again.

This functionality is currently only available in English. Google said that “there are words tailored to both English learners and fluent speakers alike, and soon you will be able to choose different difficulty levels.”

Google Search has been rolling out nifty features to help users with their everyday tasks. It recently rolled out a feature that will help users tune their guitars. The tuner helps users tune their instruments. Users will be required to update their browser and a phone or computer with a microphone to access it. To access the tuner, users should type Google Tuner in the Google Search bar. When a user plays their guitar, the tuner will catch the note and give them suggestions to play the tuned note.

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Dark mode support started on the desktop

After a long wait, the company has rolled out Dark Mode on Google Search Desktop for users last month. Now you can switch the bright web page to inky gray color while searching Google on the big screen. Users were already getting this option in the Google app and now dark mode can be enabled on Google Search desktop as well. This feature has been included through a server-side update.

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