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Google Search on Mobile to get redesigned



Google search on mobile to get redesigned

Google Search on Mobile is being redesigned to give a facelift. It will make it easy for users to find what they are looking for. The Search giant shares the development through a blog post with some insights from the designer, which redesigned the scene.

The Google Search redesign on Mobile will allow people to focus on information, make the text easier to read, edge design, darker use of color, and feel “Bubbling and bouncer’.

“Reproducing visual design for something like search is really complicated. This is especially true given how much Google Search has evolved. We are organizing not only web information but also all the World’s information. Google designer Eileen Cheng, Who led the visual redesign for Google Search on mobile.

According to the reports, the redesign will be rolled out in the coming days.

The blog also explains that there are five major aspects of the redesign:

  • Bringing information into focus,
  • making text easier
  • Creating more breathing room,
  • Using Color,
  • Leaning into the feeling of “Googley”

The Google search redesign will allow users to focus on information rather than the design elements around it. That will make the search clearer and faster. The text will be larger and bolder, with the result and section title larger.

The Search will deepen Google’s use of its font.

The Google logo is been circulated to other locations, including icons and images. “That form is already the part of DNA. Just look at the search bar or the magnifying glass, “says Cheng.

The search results will be shown in rounded designs:

In the new update of Mobile Google Search, the search will be shown in rounded designs. This update will be more visible in Icon and images.

There is a change in visual space:

Google has made changes in the visual space. It will make users reading experience more comfortable. Google has also used bold color and muted tones. Now, users can concentrate on important information.

As mentioned earlier, The redesign will roll out in the coming days. Google did not share an exact date for it.

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