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Google Stadia Announces First Official Game With ‘Direct Touch’ Controls



Google Stadia Pro free games


  • Google Stadia introduces touch controls on its first game for Android users.
  • Humankind will be the first Stadia release to feature a new touch-focused control.
  • The game launches out on Stadia on August 17.

Google stadia is a well-known platform for introducing online game streaming and gaining popularity in the field. It is a cloud gaming platform, that allows users to play the game without downloading or inserting a disc. The platform service is available across 14 countries, including the UK and US, in its paid and free modes.

Google’s Stadia is launching its first strategy game that responds to touch instead of a controller. The game, titled HUMANKIND, will introduce a new ‘direct touch’ control method to Stadia for mobile. The game will also feature Stadia’s State Share feature, which allows a friend to pick up where you left off in a game just by sharing a screenshot or video clip with them. With touch, you might expect even more immediate responses to your taps than with a controller

Stadia is currently available in two tiers: Free and Pro. The free tier includes game streaming at 1080p resolution. The Pro tier is priced at Rs 720 per month, which provides users with game streaming capabilities at 4K resolution. Google is currently offering a free one-month trial of Stadia Pro. After that, you’ll pay $9.99 per month and can cancel any time you wish. Some games will have to be purchased while others are free as long as you are a Pro member. The complete list of games on offer is available on Stadia’s website.

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Google Stadia Pricing

Stadia offers its pricing in two levels: One is Stadia Pro and the other is Stadia Premium.

Stadia Pro costs you $9.99/month while premium costs you $99 per month(cheaper than ever before). Premier includes a Chromecast Ultra, a Stadia Controller, and a three-month subscription for Stadia Pro, which includes some complimentary games. Pro includes players the ability to play Stadia titles in 4K resolution, with 5.1 surround sound. It also provides discounts on various games and free titles.

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