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Google Tips to Parents For better Online security Of Children




  • Google reveals tips for parents to provide a safe online experience for children.
  • Due to Covid-19, the education system has been completely changed.
  • Cyber threats Increased significantly as online learning platforms grew by 60% due to lockdowns.
  • Parents of children attending school online were more concerned about online safety.

Due To the Covid pandemic, the Education system has been moved to an Online Platform, students complete their Classes through online means, instead of attending schools in person.

Now Schools are started, but not for all classes primarily for higher education.

Google Research about online safety and parents concern

Recent research has been conducted by Google revealed that parents of children attending school online were more concerned about online safety than ones whose children attended school in-person.

The research says 74 percent of Indian parents expressed increased concern about online safety.

Around 34 percent of parents interviewed said they “have never spoken to their children about online safety.

According to the cybersecurity firm, about 2,70,171 cyber crimes between July and December in comparison to 1,68,550 detected during January-June last year.

Privacy and security of their children’s information was the top concern of parents. Parents were concerned about scams or hacking of their child’s accounts

Google Tips to parents For online security of children

Google’s advice is that parents should teach their children how to choose strong passwords and avoid simple passwords that use names, birthdates.

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Turn SafeSearch on Google helps filter out adult content in Google’s search results for all searches, including images, videos, and websites. SafeSearch helps block adult results like pornography from Google search results.

Google says the messaging or gaming apps (with voice chat feature) are the easiest way to reach out to children and could prove to be harmful. Therefore, parents should be aware of their child’s online activities and whom they talk to online.

A lot of online platforms these days come with child-friendly settings built-in and you should explore them and decided what is fit for your child to view before you give them their first device.

Parents can also limit screen time and should take an active interest in the child’s online activity

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