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Google’s building package tracking right into your Gmail inbox



Gmail Package Tracking Feature

Google has brought a small and meaningful change to its email service- Gmail. This time, Gmail comes with a new package tracking feature. This feature will enable Gmail users to track their packages directly from their inboxes without opening emails from the courier companies.

It means when you order something online, you don’t require to open the confirmation mail to check out the arrival date of the package. From now, this information will be displayed just below the email sender’s name and subject line in the inbox on a small green label.

Users will be able to notice a little truck icon followed by text indicating the order’s status, followed by the delivery date. This label will be updated as the order progresses, with information like “label created,” the arrival date, or the delivery date, Google says.

Gmail gets a new Package Tracking Feature

Until now, it is quite a long process to check the status of the arrival package. The users require to open the mail, copy the tracking id, and paste it on the website to check the status. They have to repeat the procedure every time they want to check. But it is not the case anymore.

This new tracking feature saves lots of Consumers’ time and effort. Now, all they’ll need to do is look at their Gmail inbox. According to Google, Gmail will now show details pertaining to a package, such as their status and the delivery date under the sender’s name and subject in the inbox Gmail.

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The Company will be going to update the status from time to time. Upon opening the email, Google will show a summary card at the top of the email with more detailed information such as a timeline with checkmarks that shows the current package status — order placed, shipped, or delivered.

When Gmail New Tracking Feature will arrive?

The Company will roll out this feature in the U.S. in the coming weeks. Hopefully, the feature’s arrival will take place ahead of the Holiday shopping season. The global rollout of the feature will take place later.

How to Enable Package Tracking Feature?

When this feature arrives in your region, Gmail will ask the users if they want to opt-in to receive tracking updates in a pop-up at the top of the inbox. Users will click “Allow” or “Now now,” depending on their preference. Users will have the choice to enable it in Gmail’s settings.

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