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Productivity and efficiency are two of the most prominent keywords in business. In fact, they have always been the holy grail of what a business strives to achieve. In this modern age, one of the many tools you can use to enhance your business life is software.

In this article, we will go through some of the best software and digital solutions 2021 has to offer your business. We will discuss their relevance and how they can be successfully applied to increase your business’ productivity and efficiency.

HubStaff – Time Efficiency

If you are the head of a project you will most certainly want the project to stay within budget and not exceeding the allocated time limit. This requires that you have tight control and supervision over your team. But that can be difficult, especially if your team is international.

But if you use HubStaff this becomes a much more feasible goal. HubStaff is a time-tracking tool that you can use to monitor your staff. It keeps an eye on how long your staff is working and what they are doing. It takes screenshots for you, creates statistics, and you can even use it to pay your employees and invoice clients.

HubStaff is useful when you want to optimize the way your project is run. It will quickly tell you if you have staff that underperforms and what is being worked on at any time. This will dramatically help you stay within time and budget on any given project.

Brand24 – Insight into Market Trends

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When you launch a product or a service one of the most important things to keep an eye out for is how people react to it and how they feel about it. An insight into customer opinion will allow you to tailor your products and services to perfection.

Brand24 is a piece of software that you can use to scan the internet for mentions about your product and service. You will obtain real-time access to every opinion available on the net. This is a very powerful and efficient tool to analyze markets. You can use the data obtained to make your product much more appealing. Just keep in mind the data laws and regulations that applies in your country.

Gridle – Easier Collaboration

When you work on a project or any given assignment that involves several parties and maybe even different businesses it is important that communication and collaboration is as easy and friction-free as possible.

With a business app like Gridle at hand this is possible. Gridle is a cloud-based collaboration platform that brings together many different types of communication together in a single place. It offers the ability to create and monitor tasks, has an in-built chat-system, features for video conference calls and much more.

GetYooz – Payment and Invoicing

Sending out invoices can be time-consuming, as can accepting an invoice and processing it for payment. These are also tasks that can often be delayed when other daily demands take priority. However, you can simply use invoicing and payment tools that will make these jobs easier. To ensure you and your vendors get paid in a timely manner, you can use an invoice payment workflow like YoozPay. Their service can also be integrated with your accounting software to make everything seamless and cut down on your accounting data entry as well.

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It is the perfect platform for a team that works remotely and needs to communicate and collaborate on the regular. It also creates analytics about every user at the end of each month so you can track your own performance and improve where necessary.

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