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Heart of the Sea in Minecraft – 7 Pro Tips to Find and Use Heart of the Sea



Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

After learning how to survive in Minecraft, the next players want to grab unique items in Minecraft like Heart of the Sea. The players love to explore unique items for making their quality of life better in the game.

A heart of the Sea in Minecraft is a unique item in the game that can usually be found from a buried treasure chest and can be utilized later on for many useful purposes.

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Heart of the Sea

During various tasks in Minecraft, players get many chances to encounter shipwrecks and ocean ruins. Now, what is good about them? Basically, they can help gamers to get some free goodies, but you are fortunate enough if you somehow managed to get loot on some buried treasure or a buried treasure map. It is a fun activity to do.

After getting the map, all the players have to do is to blindly follow the directions given on the map wholeheartedly and this will definitely lead them to the buried treasure ultimately. And while exploring the various treasure chest, you can get Heart of the sea. This heart of the seas can help you to build conduits.

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So here we have bifurcated the list of best possible ways to find and use Heart of the Sea. Just keep reading and discover everything-

Before proceeding let us first know what conduits are and how do they benefit players in Minecraft –

What are Conduits, How they help players in Minecraft?

A conduit is nothing but an effective way for players to get powers. A conduit is basically made of surrounding a Heart of the Sea with eight nautilus shells but that doesn’t easy as it is quite difficult to obtain the materials for the same. There are numerous ways to do so like-

  • Fishing up of shells
  • You can buy it from traders.
  • Also can get it from drowning.
  • But the heart of the sea can only be found in buried treasure chests.

After making conduits, the players get the combination of powers of water breathing, night vision, and much more. Players can also make use of conduits to damage hostile mobs in close proximity.

How to find Heart of the Sea in Minecraft?

Well before making conduits, you first need to find the heart of the sea in Minecraft. And that is not easy at all. You need to explore more and more and have to invest a lot of time in the game. If you are a sincere player or ardent lover of Minecraft, then only you can expect that you will get your hands on such an amazing rare item of Minecraft.

  • So initially what you all have to do is to play the game maximum.
  • Then look out for all the possible journeys.
  • Doing all shipwrecks and utilizing ocean ruins, the chances are high that you may either get treasure buried at any place or may get a map for the buried treasure chests.
  • So, don’t stop and keep exploring and mining.
  • If you somehow managed to get the buried treasure map then assume that half of the battle is already won as now you just have to follow the map.
  • Now just follow all the instructions and directions of the map, and it will lead you to the right path.
  • Finally, you will reach the right spot.
  • Follow the X marks, and it will be done, simple right.
  • After all X marks will be located or visited, you will get your Heart of the Sea in Minecraft.
  • Do you know what is the best part about the Heart of the Sea item in Minecraft? It is that – You already know that if you want Heart of the sea then there is only one way to do so. If you just follow the path then the chances are 100% that you may grab that unique item.
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Now after grabbing Heart of the Sea in Minecraft, you can build conduits.

But how to make conduits and what materials are required for it? If such questions are also irking you then stop fretting over guys, just scroll more as we have designed a complete tutorial for you.

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Materials to build Conduit Power

  1. Conduits
  2. 57 Prismarines

How to build conduits in Minecraft?

Just follow the steps given below in order to build Conduits in Minecraft:-

#1 Make a 3×3 Prismarine Frame

Initially, you have to build a 3×3 frame made of prismarine.  Here you can also use sea lanterns as an alternative.

#2 Keep a Prismarine Block on top of the Frame

Now following it, add one by one blocks of prismarine collected on the top of the frame at the center.

#3 Keep a Conduit on top of the Prismarine Block

It will lead you to add a conduit on top of the prismarine block.

#4 Now Break the Prismarine Block Quickly below the Conduit

After putting a conduit on the Prismarine block. Start breaking the prismarine block that is under the conduit.  You can make use of an axe (pickaxe) tool here. Otherwise, if you don’t have it then you may proceed to break it by hands too.

#5  Keep on Adding a Prismarine Layer around the Frame (2 blocks high)

Now, start adding a layer of prismarine blocks surrounding the frame up to 2 blocks high. While doing so, it will make a structure of about 5 blocks.

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#6 Now Add another Prismarine Block to the Outside Layer of it

Yes, now start adding another prismarine block to the outside layer of the frame. It will add 3 blocks to its height.

After doing so, the conduit will become active and its look will be changed. It will be having a blue sphere inside it.

#7 All closest Players will get the Conduit Power Status Effect

As soon as it will be built, all the players in the closest proximity will get an impact of Conduit.

That’s it, you have successfully learned how to get Conduits power in Minecraft along with the heart of the Sea.

Final Words :

So, here we listed all possible ways to grab Heart of the Sea in Minecraft. Don’t overthink now, start playing the game and follow the steps listed here. This is the only possible way to get conduit power and the heart of the Sea in Minecraft.

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