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7 Hidden Pixel Features Google Doesn’t Really Tell You About



7 Hidden Pixel Features Google Doesn't Really Tell You About

Do you really know all the features offered by Google in your Pixel Phone? Google has a habit of giving all in small packages without doing much show-off, unlike Apple phones which are very boasting in nature.

Google usually keeps useful options in easily overlooked places — where nobody notices and their Pixel phones are a great example.

Pixel phones are the purest form of androids that actually provides authentic features that a true android phone should have.

Its features are so overlooked that even the native users of these phones are not aware of all such great features.  But you don’t have to worry, as we are going to present an exclusive list of all the cool and exciting features of Pixel phones.

Scroll down to know these features :

Major highlights that you must know about Pixel phones are:-

  • Night Sight: in the Camera app
  • Now Playing: helps to identify music in the surrounding
  • RCS Chat

7 Hidden Pixel Features Of Google

#1 Swipe Down on Home Screen to Open Notification Shade

Today the mobile industry is launching the latest smartphones with bigger sizes every day but how many of you actually are comfortable with them? As to access them, you have to do a lot of physical exercises of your fingers, and meanwhile coping with these struggles, sometimes, the phones fell off. Right?

But here Pixel phones come for the rescue.

As you can swipe down on the home screen to open the notification shade.

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#2 Smart Storage

Smart Storage integrated works with Google photos and remove all the duplicate local copies of all those photos who are already backed up. So you don’t need to worry about the memory as usually, users struggle with storage space as photos and videos consume a lot of space in systems. It syncs all media items to the cloud and removes all redundant local copies.

#3 Design Your Own Custom Themes

Do Customized themes attract you as well or your creative instinct stops you from accepting whatever you are getting served by the companies? Then the Pixel’s phone is for you.

This is the most important feature which is not advertised at all as it is completely hidden and difficult to find due to its UI. Do you know what this feature actually does?

It allows you to make a completely customized theme as per your wish.

#4 Fast camera flipping

Well, it becomes so irritating when you are with some famous or big personality and want to capture that moment instantly but at the same time, your phone just starts showing tantrums by asking silly questions like ” Do you want to switch camera”, Isn’t it?

But Pixel phones offer a Flip camera option which helps to switch the camera by just doing the flipping gesture.

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#5 Avoid and Block Spam Calls

Pixel makes it easier to screen calls with its Caller ID & Spam feature.

Turn on this feature from within the dialer Settings. This way, when you get a call, you’ll get as much info as possible about the caller. You can also block these numbers from Google Dialer.

#6 Pause Apps to Ward Off Distractions

Do you want to stop unwanted notifications or scrolling of Instagram or Reddit? The pixel has a tool to help you out in this too. You have to long-press the app’s icon and then hit a click on the pause button and by doing so you can select the time as well.

You can unpause at any time, so don’t worry.

#7 Quick video capturing and photo extracting

For this you simply have to open your camera and then press and hold the big shutter button — the same button you’d press to take a picture. Your phone will immediately start recording a video and then keep recording until you let go.

Once your video’s recorded, you can open it — either by tapping the small circular preview right there in the Camera app or by finding its thumbnail in Google Photos — and then swipe up on the screen to see every available still shot that can be extracted from the video and turned into a regular photo.

Bonus :

 Customize Google Assistant’s daily briefing

This is one of the most promising hidden pixel features. As it allows you to brief google as your assistant in is the “My Day” feature. For this, you have to give a voice command like “OK Google, tell me about my day.”. Moreover, it will help you to know about traffic, news, etc. You can customize the categories as per your interests.

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EndNote :

This is all about “Best hidden Pixel features“. Aren’t they amazing ones? How many of you have accessed all these features? Do let us know in the comment section. “Have I skipped any important exciting feature, then don’t hesitate and feel free to tell us”. We will surely add it to our list.

Till then stay tuned for more such updates 

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