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Honda announces many new electric cars, will be ready by next year!



Electric car


  • Honda announces e: NS1 and e: NP1 electric cars
  • It will be ready by 2022
  • The company will launch many electric and hybrid cars in the next few years.

Honda announces e: NS1 and e: NP1 electric cars

Japanese automaker Honda has announced plans to launch 10 new electric cars in China over the next five years while announcing its three new concept vehicles. These three vehicles will be launched under the upcoming and all-new e: N series. These include a two-door coupe, a four-door GT, and a sports utility vehicle (SUV). Out of the three concepts, two concept cars will be ready by the year 2022 and they will also be launched in the same year, the model names of these two cars will be e: NS1 and e: NP1.

In a virtual conference, Honda has unveiled thee: NS1 and e: NP1. The new e: N series is currently limited to China and all the cars launched in this series will be launched in China in the coming times. Honda says that the e: N series models will use an architecture specially developed for electric vehicles.

It will be ready by 2022

As we mentioned, the first set of e: N series concepts are e: NS1 and e: NP1. Both these cars are based on the Honda HR-V and their design also matches the HR-V. Production of both these models will start in China around March 2022. Even though it is based on the HR-V, both of them will be quite different than the hybrid HR-V, which has been launched in some global markets under the name e: HEV.

The company will launch many electric and hybrid cars in the next few years.

The E: NS1 and E: NP1 is developed models of the E: Prototype SUV that Honda showcased at the 2020 Beijing Motor Show. Production models have five doors instead of three. Honda has also shown three prototype models, the e: N Coupe, e: N SUV, and e: N GT, which are planned to be launched in the next five years. These models flaunt a more aggressive and bold electric-only styling as compared to the: NS1 and e: NP1. However, Honda has not revealed the design or specifications of these two new production models or all three prototype models.

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