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How Can I Improve My Chances of Winning My Sports Bet?



Millions of punters place bets on sports in the UK every single week. And given the popularity and prominence of online betting site, you can safely assume that more people lose than win! And unless you’re a professional sport better, you probably employ a casual approach to sports betting. You might just bet on your favourite team or place an accumulator on the live televised matches as you sit and watch them with your mates. But this approach doesn’t necessarily yield a profit. Let’s take a look at some tried and tested ways you can improve your chances of winning your sports bet.

Research form. 

No matter the sport that you’re betting on, you need to do some research if you stand any chance of winning. Gut instinct alone isn’t likely to help you win your bets. If you’re placing a bet on a football match, consider the current form of the two teams, as well as their previous head to heads, and try and identify some patterns. The more you research and study form, the more likely you are to pick the winner.

Nowadays this is very easy, thanks to the number of form checkers online. For example, with horse racing sites like Timeform, Attheraces and Racingpost are just some of the sites that allow you to search a particular horse’s form, to ensure you give yourself the best chance possible. You might even wish to go as far as checking a particular jockeys form and you can go into detail such as who performs well on hard ground, soft ground, in the rain etc – there are many aspects to cover.

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Football fans will be used to using live score checkers during football matches, but just like there are services to check scores on the go, you can also check statistics on teams previous performances when they met. This allows you to use odds calculations to improve your outcomes when betting on outright winners, or you could even check on particular player’s goalscoring records if you plan on placing a wager on them scoring.

Bet with your head, not your heart. 

While we all have our favourite teams and athletes, it’s best not to let your heart guide your sporting bets. Heavily backing an unfancied boxer because he’s from your city when he’s up against the world champion isn’t a smart move. Base your bets on your research and what you know to be true. After all, you need to be smart with your bets if you’re going to make money and not be easily led by your heart.

Shop around for the best odds. 

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket when it comes to online sports betting. It’s a good idea to open accounts with several bookmakers, so you can find the best odds for the match or event that you want to bet on. While the differences in odds might be small, if you’re constantly betting big, it will make a huge difference to your profits at the end of the year.

Many websites offer specific odds comparison, but it always good to check yourself on different sites, as these odds comparison sites often don’t include odds from every bookmaker.

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Make the most of bonuses and promotions. 

There is genuinely nothing better than betting with free money! With so many bookmakers competing for your attention, they’ve resorted to enticing new customers with incredible bonuses and promotions. Almost every sports betting site in the UK offers a free bet offer to new customers, and you will find a huge range of ongoing bonuses and promotions available to existing customers. If you can maximise free bets, you almost certainly increase your chances of winning.

Within bonuses there are two main types; deposit bonuses and free bets. The first usually comes in the form of x% bonuses, with the most common in sports betting being 50% and 100% deposit bonuses, meaning if you deposited £50 you would get £25 and £50 extra. Some sites take this a step further and offer up to 500%, but this usually only occurs in casino signup promotions. Free bets are one of the most popular forms of promotion on sports betting site, and a bet £10 get £20 is probably the most common. This means that if you bet £10 you get a £20 free bet, but be aware, these free bets often come with terms and conditions. The usual terms and conditions you have to look out for are bets must be placed at certain odds and free bets must be used within a certain time frame.

Don’t Consume Alcohol.

Unfortunately, despite the number of warnings, many people choose to bet online while consuming alcohol. This is a very bad idea as alcohol, affects your decision-making process, meaning you are likely to place silly bets that you wouldn’t have had you been sober. With mobile betting so common these days, it is no surprise that the number of people who bet while consuming alcohol is huge. Many choose to place bets while in the pub with friends of at games themselves so where possible if you are planning on consuming alcohol, it might be a better idea to place your bets before this point.

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Bet in play. 

Betting in-play is another great way of increasing your chances of winning a sports bet. The reason for this is that you can react to the situation unfolding in front of you and place bets based upon what is actually happening. By their very nature, sports are unpredictable, so it can sometimes be difficult to judge what’s going to happen before a match gets underway. Betting in-play allows you to react to the live fixture and built better value on your betting slip, which can return a decent profit if you get it right.

While it’s not easy to win sports bets, changing your approach slightly and being sensible with your selections will stand you in good stead. Also, be sure to extract as many free bets and promotions as you can, as betting with free money is hard to beat!


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