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How do you save the Facebook video (if you’re a professional digital marketer)



If you are a professional digital marketer you always need fresh content for creating the newest and the most viral posts on your social media platforms, isn’t it so?

When do you start seeking content in high quality to curate it to your social media pages – everything goes plain and normal. But when it comes to saving content and creating posts with it – the problem appears quickly.

How to make a video compilation or a photo collage and designs with content, that you’ve found on Facebook, and you are sure, that you need to reuse it in your content strategy? You are going around all these social media channels and looking for the best way to get all the content you need right on your device? And high quality is the main requirement.

When it comes to Facebook this is the real treasury for professional marketing curators: here can find the freshest and the and most commented and engaging materials for reusing in your marketing goals.

What do we usually do when we want to save a video from Facebook?

Firstly, we make a screenshot – this is the most basic and most popular idea that comes to mind of a person who needs to have the content that they see on Facebook. Get it right on their device memory to work with it further.

Same as the Facebook videos – you can’t download it (it is not offered in the in-app instruments of the social pro platform) so we are trying to create a screen video with the content that we need to get on the device.

Why does screenshot or screen video methods are not okay for 2021?

Firstly the quality of the screen video or screenshot is not great. It is messy and pixelated. And this is normal for any of the devices you’re trying to get the content with. The quality of the device display is not appropriate for taking screen videos for future reuse.

It is ok just to show some of your friends – for your private goals and that’s it.

This is so because the screen video or a screenshot is made by a device with a screen resolution that is never more than one 1080 pixels. And moreover, the original video is adopting a social media resolution, plus the quality of internet connection – so the screen video or screenshot on each will even make it worse. And more, after adapting to another editing – you will lose even more quality. So the content will come out in the disgusting look to your own account.

So taking the screenshot or screen video of the content you like on Facebook is not a good idea for those who need to reuse it for professional goals.

Another and not so popular method to download from Facebook (but much more effective and successful!)

So the one who tried a screen video once and refuse to do that – is now trying to find a tool to download Facebook videos right from the social platform to the device without losing the quality. And without any other, inconveniences while editing.

The downloading tool for Facebook videos saves the original file without any additional frames, logos, interface details that create a mess.

Facebook downloader problems

The first and the most disgusting inconvenience is that 90% of all tools for Facebook downloading that we can find on the web requires logging in or putting a watermark on the saved content.

And a part of them is not free – if you want to download more than one Facebook video you need to pay.

But, good news, – I’ve found one Facebook video downloader, that works.

I love to use the Facebook downloader tool for saving videos from the social media platform for future reuse all for several reasons:

It is handy

Firstly, this is really comfortable to use a tool for this goal – as I always have it on my browser bookmarks. That let’s let me use it whenever I see a video that I want to save, and it takes me just a few seconds to copy the link to the video and open the bookmark in my browser and paste the link there. So, the video appears in my device memory a few moments after I’ve seen it on Facebook.

It downloads in a high quality

Secondly, the quality of the video that I have on my device after downloading is great.

I think that the tool I use for video saving gets it from right from the HTML code of the social media platform. So I get just the quality that it was originally uploaded by a user who has posted this video.

It is simple and free

The video downloader I use is absolutely free. It doesn’t require any login or any payment. so I can download any video anytime I want and as many as I need. I advise you to go further and try some more free features that are offered on the Bigbangram website – they have plenty of interesting tools for social media marketing.

Getting video from Facebook is really easy with the tool:

Here are 3 steps to get ANY video from Zuckerberg’s social media.

#1 Find the content you want to download from Facebook. This can be in a Facebook watch or right in your daily feed, or any other place in social media. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the post. Or tap the share button under the video.

#2 Tap the copy link and paste it in the Facebook video downloader.

#3 Tap download and choose a folder to save it to as a file on your device.

Downloading content from social media is a really important thing for any digital marketer nowadays. You need to do every day, to be always on-trend, – so this is a vital thing to find a tool and instruments that are always on hand. All these useful tools are creating a system for your marketing routine.

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