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How does mobile app development industry look like in 2021



It doesn’t matter how qualitative work you provide as a mobile app developer; if you can’t remain up to date, then you will fail in the long run.

The mobile app development industry is changing every day. Changes in mobile apps development depend on different things, for instance, technology development, consumer demands, and new inventions.

That’s why mobile app developers should keep up with current developments.

So, are you ready for 2021?

Here in this article, I have come up with some facts that will greatly impact mobile apps development in 2021.

So, let’s start learning.

Mobile app development industry in 2021

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things is not a new idea. But mobile app penetration in it recently increases its demand by a huge margin. The perfect example of the rise of mobile app and IoT is smart home technology. Now, you can lock your front door with the help of a mobile app from a long distance.

Besides that, fields such as agriculture, automobiles, and home automation are the most rising sector in IoT and mobile app. In the agriculture industry, you can control a tractor through a mobile app. Moreover, you can control your car tire pressure with the help of a mobile app.

The revenue of IoT will reach $222 billion in 2021 and $161 billion of this amount will come from mobile apps.

Furthermore, the market of IoT-related technology will reach $1.6 trillion in 2025. So, the scope of mobile app development will increase day by day in the IoT sphere.

Mobile apps development for the foldable device

Did you use a foldable device in your lifetime?

I guess your answer is yes. When mobile phones first come into the hands of mass people, they loved to use foldable phones. That time it was a fashion. But after day-by-day, the full-screen mobile phone with one or two buttons takes over the foldable phone completely.

Having said that, time again started changing in favor of the foldable phone. Because people love to use small devices and full-screen devices are bigger in size than the foldable device.

But from mobile application development and content publisher perspective, mobile apps should be updated so that they can seamlessly work with the foldable device when its screen resizes.

In the year 2019, a total of 3.2 million foldable devices were shipped. But this number will increase hugely in 2022. According to Statista, 50 million foldable devices will ship in 2022. So, 2021 will play a greater role in this massive transformation. Therefore, you can understand the importance of keeping an eye on this field.

Mobile apps and e-commerce

It is impossible to forecast the mobile apps development in 2021 without mentioning mobile e-commerce. Ecommerce has become a must-have choice for every business owner.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling online. You’re competing with big giants like Amazon. To make your business stand out among your competitors, you must apply what other big giants are doing. The mobile app is the main driver of e-commerce sell for giants like Amazon. That’s why you should develop a mobile app for your e-commerce store.

In 2021 e-commerce sell through mobile app will increase 72%. So, it is a great opportunity for mobile app developers. Even if you want to provide mobile app development services solely for e-commerce, you can go ahead.

Mobile apps and 5G technology

Do you know what the most technological innovation of this 21st century is?

It is 5G. It will change the whole technological industry. In a word, it will have an impact on almost everything.

5G technology is 100 times faster than current 4G technology. That means mobile apps using latency will decrease by a huge margin. That’s why you should keep in mind this technology for developing mobile apps. All existing apps will need to update, and new ones will develop with the integration of 5G technology.

In this year of 2021, most of the developed countries will complete their 5G integration. It means tons of mobile apps resellers or content publishers will want to update their apps to get the most out of the 5G technology.

Apps for wearable devices

Wearable devices are a new addition to the tech world. But this industry didn’t see its tremendous growth yet. But its growth has been remained steady for past years. Wearable device penetration in the United States market is enormous. Now, more than 25% of people in the USA use wearable devices.

The big news in the wearable industry came when Apple announced the availability of Appstore in the Watch OS 6. It means now users can directly download apps in their smartwatches from the app store. It will increase the use of apps by a considerable margin.

That’s why app developers and app publishers will develop apps keeping in mind wearable devices in 2021.

Increasing use of mobile wallets

As mobile e-commerce is growing day by day, the use of mobile wallets is also increasing. Popular mobile wallets like Apple pay, Google Pay, and Samsung pay are leading the growth of mobile wallets. A recent report said that $6.1 billion amounts of the transaction were from mobile wallets in 2019. And this number will increase to $13.98 billion by 2022.

So, it is clear that the mobile wallets market will become double in two years.

That’s why mobile app developers should take care of this market. Apps that conduct financial transactions will love to have mobile wallets integration feature. For now, this is not the case, but it will be soon.

SEO Friendly Mobile App Development

It’s common and popular technique that website owners take SEO services for their websites for better search performance in Google or other search engine searches. SEO for apps is also important to have better search performances in search engies. SEO friendly apps get better search performance and hence get more users. Nowadays, it this competitive online world, any application will require SEO friendly depelopment for having better performance. App development industries, who focus on SEO friendly app development are getting better responses from their clients.

Final words

Mobile app development trends are frequently changing. If you’re developing mobile apps with backdated information, then you won’t be able to remain competitive.

That’s why you should use up-to-date information for mobile apps development. Here I have discussed few things which will have a greater impact on future mobile app development.

You don’t need to apply everything that I said. Just understand the market and implement accordingly.

If I missed any critical information on the mobile apps development industry in 2021, then let me know about that in the comment box below.


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