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How Does Technology Improve the Casino Experience?



Since the casino industry began utilizing the internet and digital spaces, we have been shown exactly how technology has been able to improve an extremely traditional concept. But just how does technology enable online casinos to go above and beyond their analogue counterpart?

Tech Boosts Audience

Technology enables more players than ever to engage with casino games. Those living in a city with a casino would fare well, but those living in rural areas or towns don’t have casino entertainment complexes and may miss out. Being online means that the audience can expand, and the industry can reach more people.

This is beneficial for both customers – who have a wider range of options – and the businesses within the industry. These businesses have a guaranteed audience base, so they can begin investing more in the games and sites they offer. Physical casinos have a harder job justifying refurbishments and improvements to their equipment if they can’t guarantee custom from a limited pool of potential players.

Tech Improves Games

While poker, blackjack, and roulette have survived for centuries unchanged, moving online gave them a new lease of life. As the Royal Panda casino table games show, games such as poker and roulette have been given makeovers. Roulette can be played with both American and European rules, as well as live so that players can see the dealer in front of them. Poker variants include Texas Hold ‘Em, Caribbean Stud, and Three Card Poker.

The variety of choices within each game allows people to find a niche they enjoy playing. The online platform means that it is easier to run several versions of the same game concurrently, with minor tweaks. Physically, this would be difficult – and would require a lot of space to run a table covering each variant of poker.

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Tech Improves Loyalty

One of the main boons for the online casino industry is the welcome bonus that is used to attract players. These bonuses range from free spins on the slot games to no deposit cash for other games. Some sites are very generous while others rest on the laurels of the game options they are convinced customers will enjoy.

These bonuses are standard for the industry and many sites exist to allow customers to review each site – with the bonus being a major factor in this. As some players may be new to the industry, selecting a site could often come down to the best-sounding bonus. Without technology, potential customers wouldn’t be able to sift through potential options to find a site they wanted to engage with.

Tech Keeps It Competitive

Without technology, there would be no online casino industry. There would be a casino industry, which would continue to exist. Technology helped keep the industry competitive and allowed sites to bring products to consumers in ways they wanted to receive them.

The rise of entertainment options today – specifically mobile gaming options which account for 60% of gaming revenue – has outlined exactly how customers want to be entertained. It has to be mobile, fast, and immersive. Tech has allowed the digital aspects of casino games to compete against other forms of entertainment. When someone dives into their mobile, they have a choice between watching something, playing something, or browsing for an online casino. Without technology’s infusion into the casino industry, the third option wouldn’t exist.

Technology has given the casino industry a huge boost. Without it, players wouldn’t have the mobility that online casinos offer, as well as the choice. The majority of revenue for casinos comes from online avenues, so it’s clear that technology is integral to the casino experience in 2021.

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