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How SEO Can Boost Your Business In 2021: Learning The Ropes



SEO Basics

The Coronavirus crisis continues to reshape the way consumers shop and buy products or services. eCommerce adoption has accelerated over the recent years – and this remains the trend in 2021. Consumers get to know about brands through the Internet. They want to socialize with businesses on their terms. Providing them with a streamlined and unique online experience can help boost your business.

However, considering the ever-changing digital marketing trends, brands need to regularly evaluate and modify their digital presence to be more available, accessible, and visible to their target audience. Keeping up with the marketing trends is vital for a business to stay competitive.

One of the most effective ways to stay competitive is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For a complete outsider or a newbie in digital marketing, you might wonder what SEO is and why your business needs it. Here we take a look at why SEO is vital to your marketing efforts and how it can help boost your business.

Understanding SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your web page to increase the quality and quantity of site visitors. The objective is to make your pages or content rank high in search engines to increase visibility. By creating content that gets found online, there is a high chance for people to get to know your business.

Whenever your target audience has a query, your business is the one that offers the most relevant and useful answer.

Contrary to what many people think, SEO is more than just stuffing websites with relevant keywords. It is also about improving a website’s vital aspects such as interactivity, content quality, interactivity, and mobile accessibility.

Effective SEO is all about serving customer needs while adhering to the best practices and standards of search engines (ex. Google and Bing). The heart of SEO lies in three things: answer consumer queries, know the type of content they’d like to see; and anticipate user intent. To achieve these, it is important to know your target audience, their needs, and preferences. These overarching concepts make SEO a sales channel as well as a research method for your business.

Experts from Miromind B2B SEO agency emphasized that putting together strategic and technical elements of SEO is the key to successful digital marketing. It hits two birds with one stone – making your web page attractive to search engines while serving your customer’s needs.

Why SEO is Important for Businesses in 2021

According to Hubspot State of Marketing Report, 61% of marketers believe that improving SEO and growing organic presence is their top concern. In 2020, US brands and agencies spent an estimated $79.26 billion on SEO services, and this is projected to grow this year as internet use is at its highest.

Among US consumers, around 93% used search engines to find a local business which is higher than the previous year’s 90%. Consumers go online to find a new product, service, or company. Typically, they do not know what they want and search engines can have a major influence on their buying decision.

If your business is not easily searchable, how will consumers know about you? Most likely, they won’t do a deeper search.

Brands (including your competitors) that appear on the search engines will likely be considered. So, even if your products and services are amazing, this won’t matter because consumers can’t find you. Unless you can get your web page to the search results, your business won’t be an option. Hence, making SEO a priority is paramount.

Restrictions brought by the Coronavirus pandemic had us doing more online shopping, virtual meetings, and video streaming than usual.

Given these changing consumer behaviors, SEO has never been more crucial. Many brands and agencies have relied on SEO practices such as B2B lead generation options for their digital marketing in 2020 – and it’s expected to be much more in 2021.

Boost Your Business with SEO

What’s great about SEO is that it is accessible and can be implemented by anyone. Unlike paid advertising such as sponsored posts or traditional print ads, SEO can be learned. While it takes time and effort to understand the basics and learn the ropes, it is doable. For example, implementing effective keyword research for B2B guarantees long-term benefits for your digital marketing campaign and business as a whole.

Here we take a look at how SEO can boost your business in 2021.

  • SEO drives organic traffic to your website which you can turn into customers.
  • SEO boosts the reputation of your business as users consider brands that rank high on search engines as high-quality and trustworthy.
  • SEO creates an authoritative and trustworthy web experience for users. Implementing SEO practices forces you to keep your site in tiptop shape and maintain its relevance to consumers.
  • SEO improves web experience – user-friendlier, smoother, and faster website – compels new visitors to stay longer thereby increasing the chances of turning them into actual buyers.
  • SEO supports helpful, optimized, and high-quality content, including text, video, and images.
  • SEO improves brand awareness. By reaching the front page, users will begin noticing your brands and even if they don’t click your website, your brand can be associated with those solutions.
  • SEO gives your business a competitive advantage. Brands that invest in effective SEO can consistently outrank competitors in digital marketing as they get over 90% of traffic.
  • SEO keeps you updated with the latest trends in technology and online processes. By implementing SEO, you are forced to keep up with the ever-changing online trends thus staying competitive.
  • SEO leads to better conversion rates. As you make your website more user-friendly and optimized, you are more likely to turn casual visitors into loyal subscribers or customers.
  • SEO can be done even on a tight budget. While several agencies and specialists offer SEO services, you can learn and implement yourself. Spending time to learn along with purchasing a few subscriptions, you can do SEO with limited resources.
  • SEO is trackable, unlike traditional marketing which can be difficult to gauge the impact of each initiative. With SEO, you can easily monitor the number of views based on traffic patterns which you can use to make necessary adjustments in your efforts.
  • SEO benefits your overall marketing strategies. SEO strategy entails research and insights about your target audience and competition. This data proves useful in all your other marketing efforts.

All these benefits listed above make SEO a must for every business this 2021. Beyond putting your website on top of search engine rankings, investing in SEO leads to long-term benefits to your business. It builds the reputation and trustworthiness of your brand to your audience – a crucial aspect of a digital marketing strategy.

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