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How Technology Can Help To Prevent Accidents



These days there is so much technology floating around that almost anything seems possible. We can speak with people on the other side of the world. We can be navigated to another city without having to pick up a paper map. There is so much that technology can do. But did you know that it can also help to prevent accidents?

This article takes a look at a range of accidents and how the world of tech can help to prevent them.

Watches That Detect Falls

Having a fall can be frightening. Everyone is at risk of injury when they fall. The good news is that some technology can detect falls.

There’s a rather well-known brand of watch that can detect if you’ve had a fall. The watch can call the emergency services on your behalf, should you need them to.

There are other brands of watches that are worn to help health authorities understand if you’re at a risk of falls. They can use this data to help you to receive the best possible care.

When a fall occurs, you can get the medical help you need. Ask Tucson Personal Injury Lawyers to help you file a claim and you can call your family. The support you need is there.

Cars That Have Automatic Braking Systems

A lot of new cars come with automatic braking systems. These systems can slow a car down when the vehicle in front also slows down. This can help to reduce a lot of accidents, particularly if the driver was not paying attention.

Mats That Have Alarms Fitted

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Some hospital patients are at risk of falls and other accidents. However, they may not understand this because:

  • The patient is a small child
  • The patient is suffering from dementia
  • The patient may be on very strong medication that affects cognition

In cases such as this, it is not unreasonable to place a mat next to the patient’s bed. Should the patient get out of the bed, the mat will trigger an alarm. When the alarm is triggered a nurse, for example, may help the patient to get back into bed.

Parking Assist In Cars

Parking is not something that everyone can do well.

In fact, some people can park quite badly and cause damage to other cars when they do.

The good news is that some cars assist drivers with their parking.

Cameras fitted to the front and rear of the car can ensure drivers have a better view.

There may also be a few onscreen instructions or guides that help with parking.

As a result, fewer bumps and dings can occur while a car is being parked.

This potentially means that fewer accident claims will need to be made each year.

It also means that parking can be much less complicated and much safer.

Wristbands With Temperature Monitors

Some workplaces involve employees working with or close to high temperatures. In the past, workers were relied upon to tell their supervisors when they were too hot. Now, wristbands can do this for them.

Whether they’re working in a foundry, a factory, or in other locations where temperatures are high, employees can be protected.

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The wristband can alert another member of the team and the affected employee can be advised to re-hydrate. Dehydration can potentially cause accidents due to loss of concentration. This means that wristbands such as these can be hugely beneficial.

Smart Beds

Did you know that smart beds exist to help prevent accidents? Beds such as this help to monitor someone’s physiological signs. That is their heartbeat, their temperature, and many other vital signs. While this type of bed is by no means very affordable, it can be hugely beneficial.

Smart beds can be ideal for those who:

  • Work in hospitals or clinics
  • Have elderly relatives living with them
  • Are concerned about a member of their family

Smart beds can also be used by anyone who wants to make sure they stay healthy. It’s another very easy but clever way to make sure your health is as good as it can be.

As you can see, technology really can help to prevent accidents. Whether they are used in the home, at work, in the car, or in a hospital, these devices can make a huge difference. It’s very likely that we will see more technologies emerge to help us all live, drive, and work much more safely in the future.


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