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How Technology Has Changed Our Lives?



Since time immemorial our lives have changed drastically but in the last decade, these changes were extremely significant due to the presence of digital technology. Such change has not just impacted the way we communicate but has also impacted our behavior. With the ongoing Pandemic, everyone has now been dependent on technology. From official work to household grocery shopping, everything is being done online during Covid-19.

Technology plays a vital role in the emotional, psychological, and intellectual factors of life. It is quite often ignored as playing games online demands sitting in front of the screen for a long time. But, what if we tell you that you can earn money also in this manner? Yes, this is true. You can make money online with the platforms offering games to earn cash such as Online Poker games. This game needs a lot of skill and interaction to play on these platforms which is not the case in watching television. Let’s unfold one by one how technology has changed our lives in the past few years.

  • Lifestyle

Life has become convenient with the introduction of internet services. Now we have the convenience of ordering the most fashionable clothing by just clicking on our smartphones. When you feel hungry your favorite meal is just a click away due to the presence of online food delivery applications. Technology and digitization has also a role in improving our fitness level by introducing gadgets like smartwatches which assist you in keeping a track of your physical activities. Technology has made life easy compared to earlier times.

  • Health
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The presence of Fitbits and other similar gadgets on our wrist is a sign of how concerned we are about our health as it provides all the necessary data required to modify your daily fitness regime. Hospitals have become tech-savvy by eliminating analog devices to measure one’s BP or heart rate for example. Hospitals store all their medical history in digital formats instead of making those bunch of papers and documents as it used to be done earlier. some medical agencies even provide online consultation instead of physically calling the patients to the clinics thus providing relief to those who are not in a position to travel.


  • Privacy

Privacy has been a very controversial part of digitization. We are living in a world where most of the communication software we use claims to provide an encrypted platform but with the presence of professional hackers, you can never feel assured of privacy. There are countless incidents where people lost a humongous amount of money through online transactions because of the leak of the private data of an individual. Sometimes this breach of privacy enters our personal life also where many have faced the leaking of their emails or private photographs. This is something really scary as this has caused panic among individuals along with diseases like depression which has become quite common these days.

  • Attitude of youth

The younger generation is the most affected section of society by technology. They are the ones hooked to tablets and smartphones throughout the day and playing 3 Patti games for fun. A sense of peer pressure has also developed among them as they all run behind getting famous on social media applications such as Tik Tok and Instagram to name a few. The youth is subjected to blue rays emitted by their tablets and smartphone ruining their mental health as their exposure time is too high.

  • Human behavior
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Human behavior has always evolved with time and this period of digitization is no exception to that. The present human is dependent on technology to a very high degree. We are on the lookout for wifi everywhere. The present human looks for a solution to every problem on smartphones. We have become a slave of technology as we are so accustomed to it.

  • Business

The business sector has fruitfully explored digitization. Many new enterprises have been set up as a new kind of business have emerged and all thanks to technology. one can think of creating an office with just a computer or laptop in hand. Business communication has become extremely quick and efficient with tools like emails, online video conferencing, virtual meeting set up, etc . to manage all these aspects of business communication a new kind of employment opportunity has developed thereby creating the need for IT professionals. This part of digitization has led to creating a mass level of jobs for the allied sectors. Overall the efficiency has increased manyfold in the business sector with digitization as no manual office work is required when you have digitized everything.

Technology has its advantages and disadvantages but it all depends on us. If done in good faith it can benefit the world, if not it can even have devastating effects on our lives. The choice is yours.


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