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How to buy items on Minecraft Marketplace: A step-by-step guide



Minecraft Marketplace

Key Specifications:

  • Mojang Studio brings a new Minecraft Marketplace to the game.
  • The new currency Minecoins will help you to purchase items from the game store
  • You can narrow the content based on many filters

Mojang Studio brought a new way of getting downloadable content in Minecraft with the launch of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Instead of manually installing mods, Mojang introduced the Minecraft Marketplace.

It is an in-game store that enables players to buy different items such as mini-games, skins, maps, texture packs, and more to use in the game. It also introduces a new in-game token known as Minecoins.

Players will be able to access these tokens to purchase in-game items from the game store. However, not all community-made content requires Minecoins. It includes skins, maps, texture packs, mini-games, and more.

The best part about Marketplace is that it will provide some content for free which is great news for those who don’t want to spend real money purchasing Minecoins.

How to Download content from the Minecraft marketplace

When the Players enter the Minecraft Marketplace, players will see all the featured content available along with different categories for creations. It will also provide an option to filter items based on pricing and other factors. There are multiple filters that can be applied to help you determine what they would like to purchase or download. Some of the filters that players can apply are pack types, mine coins, bundles, realms plus, and ratings.

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  • Click on the Minecraft Marketplace button in the main menu
  •  Choose the desired content page from the main splash screen. Here, players have access to a variety of filters, including those based on the item’s star rating, price, and type of downloadable content.
  •  Now open the DLC’s page. You will be able to purchase content directly here. Once you do so, that is, open the page you will get the option to submit pertinent payment information and buy Minecoins through micro-transactions if they do not have enough Minecoins to complete the transaction. Free DLC won’t need this specific step, and the download will start immediately
  •  At the world-creation and editing menu, players can get access to newly downloaded texture packs, resource packs, and maps
  •  Successfully downloaded new player skins can be found under the dressing room option in the main menu. The pause menu in-game also provides access to the dressing room.

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