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How To Bypass The Grindr Phone Number Verification For Your Privacy



Many companies have beefed up their security checks for individuals who want to set up an account. One of the most common steps in account setup is phone verification. For the guys looking to find love on Grindr, you are not exempted, and thus you will need a Grindr phone number verification.

With a big platform that hosts millions of users, the site is prone to security and spam issues. Phone verification helps weed off fake profiles and unwarranted content while safeguarding the users. This article will look into how you can bypass Grindr phone number verification.

Ways To Bypass Grindr Phone Number Verification

You may wonder why you need to avoid using your number to bypass Grindr phone number verification. Well, the reasons are plenty. First, you might jeopardize your privacy since linking your number links you to the account you have created. And that is where a temporary number or an account verification service will come in handy.

Also, how safe is your data in the hands of companies? After setting up your account using your actual number, you might start receiving promotional messages in your inbox. These messages could be from the company or a third party who has been privy to your information. Therefore, you can avoid this onslaught by using any of the methods given below:

  • Felix Merchant

You can verify any account with Felix Merchant services and remain anonymous on the internet with a fake or temporary number. In addition, the service gives you a Sim-based phone number and is accepted in any country.

  • Fake Phone Number Apps
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The second option is the use of fake phone number apps. These apps are plentiful and might offer expensive services, with some having absurd charges. Also, the efficiency of some of these apps is questionable.

  • Physical Burner Phone

Burner phones are inexpensive phones designed for short use, after which they are discarded. Typically, a burner is bought without a contract and comes with prepaid minutes. They are costly compared to temporary online numbers and offer efficient identity protection. They also have additional costs per minute.

  • Fake Phone Numbers on Google

You can google “fake phone numbers” and get a functional fake number online. These numbers cannot send a text or make calls but will be helpful in cases where companies ask for your number to set up an account. The challenge is the numbers might be in use if they have already been posted online.

  • Google Voice

This free service allows you to merge different phone numbers into one number. The Google phone number has to be linked to your phone number. Therefore, you cannot use this service as your sole phone provider.

Why Is Grindr Phone Number Verification Necessary?

There have been numerous safety concerns and security breaches on Grindr. Privacy researchers have found vulnerabilities in Grindr, and the company has received many warnings. Before 2020, there was a vulnerability whereby getting someone’s user email, changing their password, and taking over the profile was possible. However, this was corrected but still lingers in the mind of many users.

Due to such vulnerabilities, phone verification became paramount on the app. Also, spammers and bots swamp social networks like Grindr with unsolicited messages. Grindr phone number verification prevents these spam profiles from spreading and detects abusers, bringing down their accounts.

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Why Should You Bypass Phone Number Verification in Grindr?

Grindr has been a subject of scrutiny for many years. The platform has often been warned about its system’s vulnerabilities and has yet to adhere to some proposed security measures. Grindr was also sold to a Chinese company before being sold back to an American company. The selling of the social network to a foreign company did not sit well with the U.S. government and its users.

There are many legitimate concerns about the safety of user data on the site. The privacy practices on the site have raised eyebrows, with Twitter even banning the app. In addition, the Committee of Foreign Investment in the U.S. found that Grindr had allowed engineers in Beijing to access user information and private messages.

The company is back in the hands of a U.S. company but does that make your information any safer? That is why bypassing the phone number verification may be helpful, as you can operate with some level of anonymity. You can also avoid using your full name and official email as further measures for your privacy.

Why Should LBBTQ Community Maintain Privacy on Dating Apps?

Dating apps have their fair share of security risks, and being a member of the LGBTQ community furthers these risks. This is especially true if you live in an intolerant or conservative community. Government agencies in these countries and anti-LGBTQ persons or groups may exploit location services on these dating apps before finding users harassing, imprisoning, and assaulting them.

Even in low-risk countries like the U.S., there is still the risk of being targeted by individuals with a stance against the LGBTQ community. Such cases are usually publicized in low-threat areas, but that is not the same in high-threat areas. This is unless the violence is meted on a foreigner or is particularly violent.

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There are also laws in some countries that have made it illegal for same-sex orientation.                Users in such countries are at risk of imprisonment if their information falls into the wrong hands. Also, as much as it is not illegal to be gay in the U.S., it will help to maintain your privacy since discrimination and targeted attacks are not improbable.

The Takeaway

Your safety on dating apps should be the first and most important thing. Ensure you do not use your official email, link your Facebook account, or your phone number. Limit the amount of personal information you share, and try to use pictures you have not used on the internet before, as people can reverse search images, resulting in a breach of identity. Make sure you use Felix Merchant services for your temporary number to bypass the Grindr phone number verification.


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