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How to Cancel Roblox Membership (Step by Step Guide)



How to Cancel Roblox Membership

Hey Roblox lovers, We know you are ardent fans of Roblox after all it is an amazing game that allows creating, designing your own games. Its currency Robux helps you to trade items or accessories. But if for any unforeseen reason, you want to cancel Roblox membership, then don’t you worry. Just follow this complete guide, it will be a sure-shot solution for you.

Roblox Premium membership comes with multiple benefits. It allows you to buy, sell, trade items and also increases your revenue share on all sales of your game. You get an instant discount of 10% while purchasing Robux. But still, if you don’t want to continue it, then one thing worth noting here is that Roblox Premium gets auto-renewed if you don’t cancel it before its renewal date.

So let’s know how we can cancel Roblox membership here without wasting your time much.

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How to Cancel Roblox Membership

Roblox is an amazing gaming platform, you won’t believe that it has almost 100 million active users which itself is setting breathtaking records. And its premium subscription comes with some additional features involving an additional quota of Robux (in-game virtual currency)

For Browser App

  • Initially put in your credentials to log in to the account on which you have purchased a membership.
  • Now go towards the gear icon in the top corner on the right side.
  • Move to Settings tab.
  • Go under the billing section.
  • Now hit a click on the “Cancel Renewal option”.
  • Some pop-ups will appear to ensure your decision.
  • Agree with all of that
  • And finally, your subscription will be canceled.

Most of the time cancel button appears but in case it doesn’t come at mentioned places, then it could be for the following reasons :

  • Either your membership has expired (In case auto-renewal is turned off)  or you have logged into the wrong account on which you have not taken the membership.
  • It may be possible that while purchasing the membership, you have used Xbox one app, then you can cancel it through it only as cancel is only available onto the device from which membership has been purchased.
  • You have already canceled your Roblox membership.

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How to cancel Roblox Membership on Mobile App?

If you are using the mobile app, then canceling procedure will depend on which device you are currently accessing. (Android/ Apple)

For both devices, steps have little variation.

Steps For Android devices:

  • Go to the Google Play Store
  • Sign in with a Google account from, which you have purchased a membership.
  • Go to the menu tab and hit on the Subscription option.
  • Pick the Roblox Premium subscription
  • Tap quickly on cancel subscription
  • And you are done !! Simple, right?

Steps For Apple devices:

  • Go to the Settings tab on your gadget.
  • Pick your name.
  • Then go to subscriptions, you can select it from iTunes and the app store too.
  • Here pick your chosen plan.
  • Then Tap on the Cancel subscription option from it.

For Xbox One

Roblox paid (premium subscription) is not available on Xbox One, in case you don’t know. So Xbox One users can’t cancel the subscription, as the cancel option is available only on apps from where it has been purchased by the users.

Can I get a refund for canceling my subscription early?

No that is not possible.  All the builders’ club memberships are bought through Roblox’s official website and get renewed automatically before its last date. Howsoever, you can cancel this through the website before it’s too late. But that doesn’t mean that you will get any sort of refund if you are canceling early and have not used it so far.

Roblox Premium membership plans available for players are:

  • $4.99 – You will get 450 Robux every month
  • $9.99 – It gives you 1,000 Robux every month
  • $19.99 – With this instant 2,200 Robux every month

Now you must be thinking that Can’t you get it for one month time only, just for the sake of trying hands into it, and don’t want to stick yourself in long term commitment with the game? Is it the fact? If you have nodded in yes, then read out below to have a crystal-clear answer to your question.

Can You Get Only One-month Roblox Premium Membership?

Well, the answer is definitely YES !! You can buy single-month membership, but here the buying options are very limited. Single-month membership plans are only available on the Windows and Amazon app stores. So you can definitely go for it via the same if you are not sure about long-term commitment with the game and is not in favor of canceling the plan before its renewal date.

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Final Words :

So readers, Thank you for reading so far. Here we have mentioned all possible working ways to cancel Roblox Membership. I hope you would found it fruitful. If YES, then share it with your playmates too after all Sharing is Caring, right? 

Thank you 🙂

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