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How To Catch A Scorpion In Animal Crossing: New Horizons



Scorpions and tarantulas are fairly equivalent in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If in case you have a Northern Hemisphere island, you will discover that the arrival of recent Might fish and bugs additionally marks the departure of tarantulas, which have been changed with scorpions till October. The way you catch scorpions is fairly just like its eight-legged counterpart. We’ll break it down under.

When Do Scorpions Spawn?

Scorpions spawn on the bottom between 7 PM and four AM. They won’t spawn when you’ve got visitors in your island. They will seem by yourself island or a abandoned island. Like most creatures in New Horizons, scorpions are seasonal, so they may solely seem a couple of months out of the 12 months. This is when scorpions spawn, relying on what sort of island you may have:

Northern Hemisphere

Might, June, July, August, September, October

Southern Hemisphere

November, December, January, February, March, April

How To Catch A Scorpion

Requires: 1x web, shovel (non-obligatory)

Catching a scorpion in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is just about the identical as catching a tarantula. Each creatures are hostile when provoked, which implies operating too near them or approaching together with your web. Scorpions will enter right into a defensive place once they see you and will give chase in case you aren’t cautious. There are a couple of methods to strategy catching them, which we have outlined under.

The Best Means To Catch A Scorpion

The simplest and most secure solution to catch a scorpion simply requires a web and a few persistence. If you see a scorpion, strategy it slowly together with your web raised. If it sees you, it’ll instantly enter the defensive place. At this level, cease in your tracks and wait (together with your web nonetheless raised) till it calms down. As soon as that occurs, begin to strategy it once more. It’ll enter its defensive place once more. You are going to must repeat this till you get shut sufficient to make use of your web on it. You may solely take a couple of steps every time, in any other case the scorpion will give chase. If it catches as much as you and stings you, you will go out and get up in entrance of your home, or the dock in case you’re on a Thriller Tour. You will not lose something, however the scorpion you are attempting to catch will not be there while you return, so it may be annoying.

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The Most secure Means To Catch A Scorpion

When you’re afraid or do not have the persistence for the usual strategy to catching scorpions, you can also make scorpion “traps” by digging holes with the shovel. Scorpions cannot soar over holes like you may. The trick is to dig 4 holes throughout you, hop out, then interact a scorpion. When it begins to chase you, run again to the holes and soar into the center. The scorpion will not be capable of attain you, however it’ll nonetheless be inside vary of your web, so you may safely catch it from the opposite aspect of the ditch.

The Fossil Glitch

In keeping with the Animal Crossing Wiki, there is a “glitch” you may exploit involving fossils that will make scorpions simpler to catch. When you dig up a fossil in the course of a chase, the scorpion will “freeze” and ultimately wander away. Use this at your personal risk–we have not verified this trick but, so it could be patched out. Not solely will your timing and goal additionally must be flawless, it requires planning forward to both find buried fossils or strategically rebury fossils, so we will see this getting tedious even when it nonetheless works.

A bit of persistence goes a protracted way–we suggest the usual methodology or the ditch methodology to catch scorpions. When you’re feeling additional daring, you can too let the scorpion give chase and, when you get sufficient distance, flip round and scoop it up together with your web, however this requires stable timing.

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How To Spawn/Farm Scorpions Or Discover Scorpion Island

  • Requires: Nets, shovels, axes, ladder, vaulting pole, Nook Miles tickets

If scorpions are something like tarantulas, it is best to be capable of farm them on abandoned islands in the identical means you may farm tarantulas. We have now not verified how Might’s new water bugs just like the diving beetle and pondskater (to not point out the large water bug, which threw tarantula farming off-balance again in April) would possibly have an effect on scorpion spawn charges, however we’ll replace as quickly as we do.

The best way farming scorpions (and tarantulas) works in Animal Crossing is by manipulating spawn charges by adjusting the circumstances that sure bugs spawn. Some bugs require bushes and flowers to spawn, whereas some spawn on the bottom or within the air no matter environment. To farm scorpions, you need to drive spawn them.

A scorpion in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
A scorpion in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Your first step is to purchase a Nook Miles ticket and have a number of nets, shovels, and axes readily available. You’ll most likely discover sufficient uncooked supplies to craft additional in case you run out and you should buy extra with Nook Miles tickets whilst you’re on a Thriller Tour, so do not replenish your stock with too many instruments.

Subsequent, head to the airport and join a Thriller Tour. (Keep in mind that scorpions solely spawn between 7 PM and four AM!) You will be dropped off at a random abandoned island–some can have circumstances which might be ripe for scorpion farming, whereas others could be too difficult to cope with. We’ll discuss that extra later. When you’re on the island, you may start spawning scorpions. You may additionally get fortunate and find yourself on the uncommon scorpion island, by which case you will not have to fret in regards to the subsequent half. Simply begin catching! (The identical goes for tarantula island in case you’re on a Southern Hemisphere island.)

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How To Spawn Scorpions

To spawn scorpions, you need to filter out the circumstances for different bugs to spawn. Meaning chopping down each tree (be careful for wasps), digging up each tree stump, shattering each rock, and choosing each flower. Dump all of the uncooked assets you acquire on the seaside in order that the island is totally barren. If the circumstances are proper, scorpions ought to start to spawn at sooner charges than they might in any other case. From there, you may observe our directions on easy methods to catch a scorpion above to start out amassing.

The simplest solution to create a scorpion island to farm scorpions is by touchdown on the uncommon bamboo island, which is totally flat and comprises no freshwater for water bugs to spawn on, however that may solely occur by full probability.

Scorpion Promote Value

As soon as you’ve got caught a scorpion for the primary time, it’ll register in your Critterpedia. Additionally, you will need to donate the primary scorpion you’ve got caught to Blathers on the museum, in case you care about that. However in case you’re trying to make cash, you are in luck. Scorpions are one of many extra priceless bugs in New Horizons. They promote for rather a lot at each Nook’s Cranny and to particular customer Flick, who will purchase your bugs at 150% market worth.

Note: This is a Critterpedia entry for a Southern Hemisphere island. Scorpions are now in season for Northern Hemisphere players.
Be aware: It is a Critterpedia entry for a Southern Hemisphere island. Scorpions are actually in season for Northern Hemisphere gamers.
  • Nook’s Cranny worth: 8,000 bells every
  • Flick worth: 12,000 bells every

Extra Uncommon Bugs

There are tons of uncommon bugs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Some do not promote for a lot, however have bizarre spawn circumstances that make them difficult to seek out. Others would possibly simply be exhausting to catch. When you’re trying to replenish your Critterpedia and your museum and want some assist with the difficult ones, take a look at a few of our specialised bug guides under.

For extra basic Animal Crossing guides, take a look at what we now have under.

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