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How to Choose a Marketing Agency for Your Veterinary Practice: 8 Tips



A majority of the population are accessing services through the internet in the most recent years. In fact, 90% of Americans say that during the pandemic, internet use has been largely integrated in their lives – and of these internet users, Millennials also take the largest share in pet ownership. As the number of internet users grows in the next few years, many practitioners are investing in veterinary websites to boost their reach to a wider audience.

As the internet is getting saturated with options for veterinary services, maximizing your investment through effective online marketing is essential to meet your clientele where they are. We’ve listed 8 tips to look out for in choosing the best agency to help improve your bottomline.

Identify your goals

Different digital marketing agencies offer varying services that cater to your practice’s needs. These agencies help to create your online brand to stand out from other competitors. But before hiring any agency, it is prudent to first identify what kind of support you need for your online presence as well as your desired outcomes.

A professional agency will first ask you regarding your goals, brand, target audience, and expectations before bombarding you with services they can offer you – after all, their business model is to cater to your service’s unique needs.

Knowledge of Your Business

Choose a marketing agency that has had extensive experience with your field of practice. Having a solid background in providing digital assistance to clients with a similar profile ensures that they understand the landscape and unique challenges to your industry and may apply strategies that have worked with others to best reach your target market.

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However, not all designs are one size fits all and you definitely wouldn’t want a service provider with a cookie cutter approach.

An Intuitive User-Friendly Website

As a service offering online visibility, any internet-based marketing agency must be able to look like their first clients were themselves. If their website was not able to convert you as a potential client, then how sure are you that they will be able to reach fur parents and convert them into patrons of your veterinary practice?

Look out for clear Calls to Action, ease of communication, seamless navigation, page loading times, and visibility within the first few pages of any search engine query.

Collaborative and Communicative

With any kind of professional relationship, ease of communication is key. There may be times that you would want to create a time-sensitive campaign, or issues on your website that may unexpectedly come up. For whatever reason though, it is best to take note how easy or quick it is to have someone from their team to respond to your chats or emails, displaying the level of customer service they are able to offer.

Apart from ease of communication, they should also be able to explain complex ideas and campaigns in a language you can understand. If a conversation with them leaves you more confused than when you first spoke, it may be best to find a different partner in growing your business.

Client Portfolio

Gaining access to an agency’s latest projects allows you to determine the level of service they are able to potentially provide and their experience – most especially in your line of business.

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If they aren’t able to provide any proof of business, consider this as a red flag as you may be their first client.

Services Offered

There is a wide menu of services available from digital marketing agencies. Here are a few examples of services website owners often need:

  • Organic (SEO) and Paid (PPC) Advertising
  • Website development
  • Content Creation
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Social media management, etc.

However, it may not be best to go with an agency who is a jack of all trades. Instead, prioritize what services are of most value to your practice and look for an agency who is able to provide those few services well.

Cost Transparency

Employing a digital agency is an investment, and for any quality investment, the cost will be the first thing to come to mind. If you go for a cheap price tag, expect that the quality of service may not be up to par with your expectations.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should go for the highest priced service available. Take note of the kind of services you need for your practice and compare prices of different agencies against their work with real life clients.

Long-term Planning

The digital field is always evolving. Once you’ve chosen an agency that is able to meet your requirements, know that reaching your targets may take time. Make sure that you partner with an agency who are always up to date with current trends and tools to innovate and incorporate into their strategy for your business.


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