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How To Create Strong Passwords You’ll Never Forget



With the advancement of technology and digitization, cybercrimes are the most common issue of the 21st Century. Today, every person has a smartphone with an internet connection, which raises concerns regarding the privacy and security of their data. However, most cybercrimes occur due to poor password hygiene.

According to ExpressVPN’s study on password practices, users spend around 26 hours each year resetting their credentials. Aside from eating up their precious time, frequent password resets can be a serious threat to their overall cybersecurity.

With the plethora of websites, people own multiple accounts. However, remembering the passwords of all of their accounts is not an easy task. Usually, people prefer to use their personal details in passwords so they can memorize them more easily. You will be surprised to know that 14 percent of people use any person’s name as their password which is easily guessable.

There are lots of password-cracking tools available that can reveal your passwords in a couple of seconds. Bearing that in mind, generating unique and strong passwords should be anyone’s top priority. In this guide, we are going to share some tips on creating strong passwords and managing them.

Tips to Create Strong Passwords

Creating a secure password that is easy to memorize is a nightmare. Gone are the days when people used their date of birth as their password. Hackers can easily crack them in a few minutes. Follow these tips that will help you to create strong passwords more efficiently.

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Tip 1: Use long passwords

It is recommended to create a long password. The longer the password, the stronger it will be. This password could be a combination of a few words. For creating the password, choose the words that you will never forget. However, make sure these words should not your personal detail or references. Choose two or more words and combine them together to create a strong password. For instance: WinterFootball (Winter is your favorite season, and you love playing football).

That’s how with the combination of your favorite things you can create a secure password that is easy to memorize.

Tip 2: Create Password using Unique Characters

It is recommended to use different characters in the password to strengthen your security. Your passwords must include capital letters, numbers, and special characters. We generally do not recommend using your date of birth as a password (as it can be hacked easily).

For instance: dhX30*pdfhg. However, these passwords are quite difficult to memorize.

Tip 3: Phrasing your Passwords

Phrasing is the easiest and most secure way to create passwords. They are easier to remember but complex to crack. You can use jumbled words with a combination of special characters. You can even use song lyrics and movie dialogues to create strong passwords.

To avoid very long passwords, you can take the first two letters of each word and create the password. For Instance: Suppose “The game of life is hard to play.” is your favorite song. Then your password must be Thgaolihapl

Other Suggestions

Note down your passwords manually

The hacking process occurs online. So writing down your passwords in notebooks for remembering is quite safe. While noting down the passwords, certain things should be kept in mind:

  • Do not mention the usernames along with passwords
  • Do not write down the complete password. Just write down the hints for future reference
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Do not use the same password on multiple accounts

It is recommended to use different passwords for different accounts. If a hacker gets access to one of your accounts, it will take no time to hack your other accounts as well. You can use a similar password by little tweaking them for other accounts.

For Instance: Suppose ayk56-tfg6p is your password for Gmail, use a similar password for your Twitter account just by adding the last two letters of Twitter in the password i.e. ayk56-tfg6per

Use two-step authentication

For more security, it is best to use an extra layer of security which is two-step verification. When you add two-step verification, apart from entering the passwords, you will receive a text message or email that contains a pin code that is required in order to use the service.

Use a password manager

The most secure method for handling your passwords is using password managers. All password managers today store your data in encrypted vaults to keep them protected from prying eyes. Aside from storing your passwords, almost all of them have generating feature as well, meaning your password manager will create a sturdy password for each account you have. The only password you would have to memorize is the master password for accessing your password manager.

Information you shouldn’t include in the password

  • Your pet’s name
  • Name of any family member
  • Any birthdates
  • Words related to your job or interest
  • Your location – name of city, state, or country
  • Any word from the dictionary

Final Words

That’s how you can create a strong but easy-to-remember password. Today PC algorithms are smart enough to recognize the pattern of the passwords you are using. So people are required to be more creative while generating passwords. We suggest you create one strong base password and then use it on other Aacounts with little modification.

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Thanks for reading!

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