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How To Do SEO For Your WordPress Website



With the exponential advances in the field of IT, competition in the market has reached new heights. Websites tend to conquer the market using the latest and easily available resources. One such software that gained popularity and has now become the choice of more than 35% websites on the internet, is WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), a platform designed to assist you in building your own website yourself hassle free. You are provided with a number of templates and customizations to develop your website without even learning how to code. With this software you get to customize each and every aspect of your website.

Let’s learn about WordPress SEO

WordPress provides powerful and flexible website developing options to make websites that are SEO Friendly. These websites are initially optimized and well designed to rank higher in SERP Rankings. But even such websites require SEO To stay atop the SERP Ranking. WordPress is not a replacement of SEO, it is just a way to develop websites that are SEO Friendly.

Your CMS Doesn’t define your website’s popularity and chances of being indexed. For your website to rank high and achieve its goals, you need to look into the extensive technical issues suffered by your website and optimize them to achieve a higher ranking.

Tips to do SEO For WordPress website:

Optimize your content

Content of your website is required to be optimized and made user friendly. Make sure your content satisfies user queries and it is easy to comprehend. Do not add in long information that makes your user skip your website. If you are not sure about content optimization of your webpage then you use a content tool by SEO Experts which will tell all the mistakes in your content and solutions to fix all the problems in your content. You will come to know all the grammatical mistakes and errors in your content. And do make sure your website content is user friendly and structured for the convenience of the user.

Carry out keyword search

WordPress websites use your data and content. It suggests your content to be SEO Friendly but you need to optimize it by adding keywords so as to assure that your content is search friendly and ranks higher. Adding keywords to your content that are in accordance with the user query allow your data to be posed as the most relevant answer to the query and search engines tend to rank you higher.

Set up custom URL’s and introduce linking

WordPress by default uses your page’s title as URL for your website. These URLs are lengthy and sometimes truncate on the SERP. you can overwrite these URLs and make them targeted by adding keywords. This increases your SERP Ranking and traffic. Also WordPress does not add links on its own; you are required to add additional links to enhance our websites authenticity and build brand awareness.

Use optimized titles and headings

Your pages title and meta data are the first thing that a user would view. Optimizing your title and meta data with keywords according to the popular user queries, enhances your chances to rank higher. Users when they find a relatable and useful title and meta data click on the website immediately, hence optimizing both of them is important to increase user interaction on your website.

Use optimized file names and alt text for images

We all pay a lot of attention to uploading a quality image, but we forget about its file name and alt text. File name of an image and its alt text are two vital parts of an image in SEO. Before uploading a media image to WordPress library make sure you optimize the file name and add an alt text with the image. This gives further context to the page and makes your page user-friendly.

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