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what does cf mean on instagram

Everyone today is obsessed with scrolling on Instagram. There is no doubt in the fact that the content on Instagram is highly entertaining. The popular trends and audio force us to hop on them and be a part of it. But the biggest roadblock is getting this popular audio to use for your videos. Why limit yourself to Instagram when you can download this audio? Confused how? Here are some fun tricks to download and save any Instagram audio easily and instantly.

Use third-party software

There is a direct method to download any Instagram audio, this is by using third-party Instagram video-to-audio converter tools. These online software allow you to download any audio using the URL of the content. Some of these apps are free and work on all devices like Android, iOS, PC, and Mac, such as the Instazoom tool. Here’s how to use these tools to download any Instagram audio:

  • Launch the Instagram app.
  • Next, find the reel or video to extract audio and tap on the share button
  • From here choose the “copy URL” option
  • Move to your browser and search for the Instagram video to audio convertor tools
  • In the field provided on the tool paste the copied URL and tap convert
  • The video will be converted into an MP3 file and will be saved to your device.

These tools use API Indexing to retrieve audio and convert it. You can then use this audio in any of your videos or simply for listening. Make sure to download content from known sources only.

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Use Video to MP3 convertors

There are apps available on the Play Store and App Store that allow you to convert any Instagram video into audio. But for that, you will require the video first. How? Just follow these steps:

Saving Instagram videos

  • The first step in extracting and downloading audio is to initiate by downloading the video. For this play the reel or video on the Instagram app and tap on the share button given
  • Next, click on the “Add to the story” option, the video will be transported to your story editor
  • Simply tap on the three dots in the top right corner and from the list choose the “save” option, the video will get saved to your device
  • Another way to download any Instagram video is by using a third-party video downloader tool, you need to simply tap on the share button, select the “Copy URL” option, and paste it into the app, it will download and save the video to your device.

Extracting and downloading audio

  • Once you have the video, from Play Store or App Store, download a video-to-audio converter
  • In this app upload the download video and press convert
  • The app will convert it into audio and save it to your device. This way you can get all your audio on your device to access and use.
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