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How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone using Youtube editor



How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone

Looking for the best ways to edit Youtube videos on iPhone using YouTube editor? Then fortune has brought you to the right place. 

Hey, have you a video that you may have created on your vacation or have created a fun remix of some of your favorite scenes. You may need to add audio or to brighten the video, or have to add slow-motion effects or shorten the video. For the makeup of the video, iPhone’s Youtube app provides a variety of features. But for some effects, you have to rely on third-party apps. So now let us know more about how to edit Youtube videos on iPhone using YouTube editor. 

Let us first know what you can do with your existing YouTube editor on your iPhone.

What can you do with the built-in YouTube editor?

The Youtube app on iPhones not only provides the facility of watching a variety of videos. But here you can do live streaming, or upload your own videos from your phone. But usually, we like editing. We don’t want to post anything without adding effects to it. 

So with the app directly, you can make limited changes like –

  • Trim Video :

Sometimes while recording a video many unwanted elements get included in the video. That may ruin the fun of the actual video. It can be anywhere – at the start, middle, or end of the video. So here what we all have to do is to trim that unwanted portion using a trim tool.  In the Photos app of your iPhone. 

  • Add Filters Effect :

Here you get a wide array of color and brightness options. All you have to do is to pick the right color that surges the beauty of your video. 

  • Add music :

The third most important aspect of it is the music.  The music immediately adds to the quality of the videos. It makes it engaging enough and helps you in circulating the message. So here you can also add music directly from your device or YouTube too. 

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone

 It is very much similar to the other editing apps that you may have used so far. Its interface is very user-friendly and having a single glance over it, can help you to understand how things are going to happen. 

It is a standard editing tool that offers a variety of tools to decorate your video. 

How to edit your YouTube videos before uploading

For editing a youtube video follow the steps given below –

  • Download the Youtube app first.
  • Then go to the camera option.
  • Pick the video that you want to edit and tap on the upload button.
  • It will start uploading on it.
  • Now on the bottom of your screen on your iPhone, you will see a tool label with a scissor sign on it.  Click on it. 
  • As it will start trimming your video. 
  • If you want to add some effects, then you can pick filters from the wand icon.  It will show you the list of all available filters over there.

If you want to add music to make your video alive, then you can choose the Music Note icon from the right side at the bottom of your screen. 

  • Here also you can add music directly from your device or Youtube. 
  • After performing all major updates in your video, now you can tap on the Next button. 
  • Now it is time for giving it a great title and a little description of your video. 
  • After doing all this, you can now set the privacy and location settings of the video

How Can you edit videos on YouTube after you post them?

YES !! It is possible too. Sometimes after posting a video, you may feel like changing it a bit or doing some modifications on it. Then you can do it with the help of a third-party app. 

The changes you can perform here are – 

  • Edit your title.
  • Edit your description.
  • Privacy settings of the video.

For doing so, follow these steps – 

Initially click on the profile photo of yours in the top right corner. 

Then go to your channel from here. 

Pick the video you want to edit. 

Now hit enter on the edit button. 

How can you crop a YouTube video?

Well, there is no direct way to crop your youtube videos directly in the youtube app. So you have to crop the video before taking it to Youtube. You can use the app iMovie for it:– 

For this –

  • Go to the iMovie app.
  • Click on the Movie option and pick the video that you want to upload on Youtube.
  • Then you will see a tool showing magnifying glass on it. 
  • Pick that tool and start pinching it to zoom in on your video. 
  • After zooming it, tap on the done tab. 
  • And finally, save the video under the share category. 
  • Then open the Youtube app on your iPhone.
  • Click on the camera button and record button.
  • Pick your freshly cropped video.
  • And start filling in the rest of the information as done in the last method. 

If you want any more editing into it, then you can use any of the third part app listed here like –

  • YouTube Studio
  • Apple iMovie
  • Windows Photo App
  • Videoshop – Video Editor
  • Videorama
  • Windows Movie Maker

Final Words :

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Hey content contributors, we love the way you style your videos to entertain us. So these are the best ways to start a makeover of your videos before posting them on Youtube. This is the best way to edit YouTube videos on iPhone using Youtube editor

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