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How To Find A Lost Or Stolen Smartphone



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Losing your mobile is well above losing your wallet or house keys & it will evoke fear and anxiety. It’s because your smartphone holds very much vital and personal data of you and your family in one convenient spot, other than its monetary worth. The thought of receiving this sensitive information from an outsider is terrifying.

Before a worst similar situation happens, alleviate your worries, and establish a monitoring system in your device. If your mobile is paired to a Wi-Fi system, you’ll get a great outcome, but GPS and cellular services can also help to identify a reasonably precise location. For nearly all the monitoring & tracking services available, whether they are built-in or downloaded, you must have a Google account. 

In addition, you still have the tools needed to track it down whether your smartphone or tablet is running iOS or Android. You can also install a range of third-party applications to control your device.

Following are a few Ways To track A Lost Or Stolen Smartphone

Use An App To Track Location

Spyic is an app for phone tracking that has so many options that you may never be worried again. It provides you with access to the data of almost any part of the target handset. 


Other than just monitoring the location of the handset, this has lots of other functions you’d love to discover. Practically, you can see every message that the other person has typed and even every screenshot heshe captured on your phone. 

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The location tracker sends you to live alerts about the location of the device. Not just that, it also shows you the device’s latest positions. So if you have lost your phone, this application can help you find the exact location of your device.

Here is how to track a phone number with Spyic. Other than tracking phone numbers, you can also view the time along with the location. This enables you to know your phone is at a given moment. 

What is good about a Location Tracking App?

Web-based Interface: 

Spyic is 100 percent web-based. To track the target device, you will not have to access any tool on your device. On any internet browser, you can open the Spyic to locate your device. 

This also ensures the system’s protection. There are several sites that enable you to install apps that can allow a virus to infect your device. SPYIC, though is distinct. 

Easy To Operate

Spyic is easy to use, so you can establish it in a matter of seconds. It has an advanced wizard for configuration who does all of the jobs. And when you’re using Spyic, the basic guide of the dashboard has all the functionality right in front of you. 

Google’s Find My Device

“Find My Device” must be on if you log on to an Android device with a Google account. If your phone ever goes missing to monitor, virtually lock, and remotely delete the data, using this feature. 

When you open “find my device” there are three choices to choose from: 

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(Even though you had it on silent) you can play a tone so that it causes a beep.  If the map shows that the phone is in hearing distance and you clearly can’t see it but this functionality is useful to locate the location of the phone. 

You should lock your device so that your home screen can’t be reached by the finder. If your phone was not previously secured with a security code or a fingerprint scanner, this feature is most useful. Erasing data from your device is the safest choice if you know that you aren’t going to recover your cell at all. 

The most probable reason is that your handset is not actually wired to Wi-Fi or an available network if you are trying to locate your phone with Find My Device and doesn’t really seem to be working.

In this case, it’s essential to keep struggling; it will show on the map the moment your mobile makes the connection. 

What is good about “Find my device” by Google?

As long as you’ve been through the charge of establishing stuff up in advance, Google’s phone position services are one of the best choices. This should really be something which you established on any device you care about or that can hold sensitive information on it, particularly given how convenient it has become for Google to find your device if you lost it. 

One of Android’s advantages, of course, is getting the ability to configure your experience however you see fit. If Google’s service just doesn’t make it for you for any reason, you can reconsider the third-party choices we’ve listed above, since they have some smart features that might give you some extra peace of mind if your phone mysteriously disappears.

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Use Smart Home Speakers To Find Your Phone

Your smart speaker may be able to help if you have lost your phone and you know it’s somewhere in your home. Make sure you sign in to the smart speakers with the same account for your smartphone as it will help locate your phone without consuming any time. 

you can say things like, ‘Alright Google, help me find my phone,’ if you’re a Google Home. The smart speaker can then verify the gadget you are talking about by making it ring. Do you know what is the best part?  Even if your phone is on silent or vibration, it’ll always make a noise.

Ending Note 

You won’t be reliant on any software or utilities to locate it if your phone is robbed or discovered and it’s then factory reset; a factory reset would wipe out all of the original records, profiles, or passwords used to find your Android phone remotely. 

The best alternative is to block it with its IMEI number. At the very least, doing so would guarantee that no one else will register the phone on mobile networks. 

When your phone is missing, you can call the police as soon as possible and fill in its IMEI number.

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