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How to Find Your Lost Phone and Erase Data Remotely



How to Find Your Lost Phone


  • Google’s new feature helps users to search their Android phones using the Find My Phone feature.
  • You can also delete your personal data using this feature.
  • For this feature to figure, the phone must have mobile data/ Wi-Fi.

There are many instances when we lose our phones, sometimes just in our homes, but we can’t remember where we last kept them and sometimes they get stolen or misplaced while we are out. In this situation, it’s easy to search our Android phones using the Find My Phone feature

The Find My Device feature allows Android users to locate the handset, lock it by setting a pin, passcode, or pattern to stay away from unwanted eyes.

The feature also allows users to erase all data on their Android phone so that the finder doesn’t have access thereto and also triggers device protection rendering the phone unusable to anyone.

How to Find Your Lost Phone and Erase Data Remotely

1. Head to and check in to your Google account. Once signed in, you’ll see your phone within the top left corner. It’ll show you details regarding battery life and when it had been last online and the latest location.

2. If you recognize the place, select the Play Sound choice to make your phone ring for five minutes non-stop.

3. If the phone is found in an unknown area, readers are cautioned to not attempt to recover their Android phone themselves, and instead, contact enforcement – who may request the serial number or IMEI code.

4. If you want to lock the screen, select the Secure Device option. this may allow you to lock your phone and sign out of your Google account. You’ll even display a message and telephone number on the lock screen for the finder to urge in-tuned if they discover the phone before you. If you do not have a lock, you’ll even set one through this feature.

5. You can also select the option – Erase Device. It permanently deletes all data on your phone and after you erase it, Find My Device won’t work on the phone. This may prevent miscreants from accessing any data on your phone.

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