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How to Fix COD Modern Warfare 2 Dev Error 6015



COD Modern Warfare 2 Dev Error 6015

There is no denying that the title COD Modern Warfare 2 has obtained the milestone of the fastest-selling Call of Duty title that, crosses over 1 billion in sales. The Call of Duty Franchise keeps on upgrading gameplay with every new Installment. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 arrives with visual advancements and graphics too. However, the game persists just a week after the release with many glitches and errors. A few of the bugs were fixed by the future updates, while some seem to slip through the cracks. Now players are encountered with COD Modern Warfare 2 Dev Error 6015.

Since its launch, the game is receiving a positive response from players. However, the players have been facing Performance Errors and bugs since day one.  Many players have complained that they are facing “Dev Error 6015”. Such bugs are frustrating, and the saddest thing is that there are no permanent solutions.

Today in this guide, we will discuss some workarounds that gonna help you tackle COD Modern Warfare 2 Dev Error 6015. So let’s dive directly into it.

A Quick Overview of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is a sequel to the blockbuster Modern Warfare. It is a first-person shooter game that revolves around gunfights against enemy Combatants. The game arrives with three modes: Campaign, Spec Ops, and Multiplayer.  The campaign is a single-player mode that consists of a total of 18 levels. Each level consists of lots of objectives to fulfill. 

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While Spec Ops mode lets you play the game solo and with a partner. It consists of additional 23 levels. Spec Ops has a total of 5 tiers and each tier is harder than the previous. While Multiplayer mode lets you compete against your enemies by forming your team. On the whole, the gameplay is quite interesting. That’s why the game managed to attract all the players worldwide.

Possible Reason for COD Modern Warfare 2

Due to this error, the screen goes black; after 10 seconds, a pop-up message about the error appears, and the players are returned to the main menu. The players face this issue at the beginning of the game. But there could be several reasons for it.

1)Due to Server Outage

If there are problems with the game files or if game servers are taken offline for maintenance, chances are that this message code will pop up. These outages are very uncommon and usually come and go on their own. If Modern Warfare 2 is undergoing Mantainence when you launch the game, such errors will occur. But we can check the status of the server.


  • First of all, visit the official Activision Support website
  • Now tap on the “Online Services” tab
  • Under the drop-down menu, tap on Call on Duty Modern Warfare 2
  • Under this drop-down menu, you can check Warzone 2.0 status

2) If GPU Drivers are Outdated

If you are playing the game on an outdated version of the Video Card driver, such errors start occurring. Nvidia and AMD keep on releasing new patch notes for their hardware to run the title smoothly.

Steps to check if GPU Drivers are outdated

  • First of all, press Windows+R to bring the Run Command.
  • In the textbox type devmgmt.msc and press Enter
  • From the drop-down menu, double-tap on “Display Adapter”
  • After that, right-click on the dedicated graphic card
  • Tap on “Update driver” from the main menu.
  • In the new Window, tap on select Search Automatically for Drivers. It will scan the system. A pop-up message will appear giving you details about the currently installed drivers.
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Fixes to solve COD Modern Warfare 2 Dev Error 6015

1) Change the Interface Language

If you are playing the game in a different language rather than English, we recommend you change the language to English and try again. This trick works well with Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard. This simple setting may fix the issue this time too.

2) Verify the Integrity of Game Files

Due to frequent updates, the game files become corrupt and the game does not work properly. You can scan your system to look for the corrupt file in the Modern Warfare 2 Installation directory. Stream users can easily validate the game files by using these simple steps:

  • First of all open Stream and head towards Library
  • Look for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
  • Right-click on the title and tap on Properties
  • Under Properties, tap on “Verify Integrity of Game Files”
  • Just wait patiently for the process to complete.
  • After this, restart your PC and launch the game again

3) Update the game

Check whether you are using the updated version of the game or not. Sometimes, Version Mismatch cause Dev Error 6015 in Modern Warfare 2. The simplest trick is to update the game. For of all, look if any update is available or not. It is always recommended to use the updated version of the game to avoid unnecessary errors and issues.

How to Update the game:

  • First of all, open the game on the Console.
  • Now tap on the Options button.
  • After that Click on Check for updates
  • The system will automatically look for the patch file and update the game

4) Check the files of your game on Stream

If you are accessing the game on Stream, chances are that your game files have become corrupted. Fortunately, there is a way to check if the game files got damaged or not.

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  • First of all, open the Stream library and look for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
  • Right-click on the game title. All the properties of the game will open.
  • Tap on Local Files.
  • Under the local files, tap on Verify Game files for integrity
  • It will check the problem and solve it automatically

5) Reboot your device

It is one of the easiest methods that solve lots of problems. Just restart your device and launch the game again to fix Dev Error 6015.

6) Look for Windows Update

Modern Warfare 2 works well with Windows 10 and Windows 11. For smooth functionality, your system must be equipped with all the cumulative updates. So it is always recommended to look for the new Windows update and keep your device updated. Make sure you have to date Windows version.

Steps to update Windows

  • First of all, press Windows + I. A pop-up window will appear
  • Now tap on Update and Security.
  • Under this, tap on Check for Updates and look for pending updates
  • If found any, tap on it to update the system

Final Words

That’s how you can fix COD Modern Warfare 2 Dev Error 6015. This game is very interesting and can keep you engaged for hours. However, facing such errors while gaming is quite common. I hope you will find this post really helpful. Which method works for you? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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