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How to get MAC10 Frozen Platinum skin in Free Fire MAX Weapon Royale



Free Fire Max

Garena Free Fire Max get more popular after the ban of Free Fire. The Max version will have numerous events and rewards for the players. Gamers are going to experience the Weapon Royale Event in the coming days. They will be able to get the MAC10 Frozen Platinum Skin and many other items from the event. So, let’s know more about the Free FIre Weapon Royale Event.

Garena always introduces these kinds of events for gamers. However, this event will now only be available in the MAX version. Meanwhile, they would certainly get the MAC10 Frozen Platinum skin and many more

Free Fire Max Weapon Royale Event: Get MAC10 Froz

The ‘Weapon Royale’ tab is available in the ‘Luck Royale’ section of the game, accessible from the left side of the lobby. It brings a new legendary gun skin to Free Fire every month. These skins are unique in nature that we do not get to see them later in any other in-game event. The only way to get them is by making spins in the Weapon Royale using the diamonds.

In the Weapon Royale section, 1 Spin is available for either 40 Diamonds or 1 Weapon Royale voucher. And, 10+1 Spins are available for either 400 Diamonds or 10 Weapon Royale vouchers.

Customers will obtain one of many following gadgets from the prize pool:

  • MAC10 – Frozen Platinum
  • SKS – City Rager
  • SPAS12 – City Rager
  • AK47 – City Rager
  • FAMAS – Imperial Rome
  • Kar98k – Imperial Rome
  • MP5 – Imperial Rome
  • Bumblebee: Swarm
  • AK – Imperial Rome
  • Bumblebee: Sting
  • Bumblebee: Rattle
  • Pharaoh’s Wings
  • Pharoah’s Eyes
  • Bumblee
  • Pharaoh’s Rage
  • Pharaoh’s Eye
  • MAC10 – Frozen Platinum (24 Hours)
  • 10 completely different play cards
  • 5 completely different loadout gadgets
    • 50% Gold Card
    • Pet Meals50% EXP Car

The best way to enter Weapon Royale in Free Hearth MAX and earn rewards

Step 1: Register to your account in Free Hearth MAX and open the Luck Royale part by clicking on the choice currently on the left aspect of the display.

Step 2: Choose the Weapon Royale tab and choose the specified spin pack.

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