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How to Get the Best Slot Machine Playing Experience on an iPhone



How to Use Your iPhone to Play Slots: 5 Great Methods

Everybody will have their own personal favourite slot machines of course, but when it comes to getting the best iPhone slots playing experience, well there are a few tips I can pass onto you to ensure you get the ultimate playing experience.

Be aware though that there are plenty of iPhone slot apps that you can download and make use of, and as such you are not going to be forced to have to play for real money if you would prefer not to, as free play iPhone slots are readily available.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for New iPhone Slots

You may prefer playing the older styled classical slot machines that are extremely basic in their design, and if so, make no mistake about it, you will find more than enough of those types of slot games on most iPhone casino and slot apps.

However, for those of you that want to get stuck into playing the latest all singing and all dancing video slots, that come packed with never seen before bonus features and bonus games, it will be the new releases that the top rated slot apps will be offering you that you will need to track down and play.

The Higher the Payout Percentage the Better

One important thing to keep in mind if you do decide to play iPhone slots in a real money playing environment, is that each individual slot machine will have its own pre-set long term expected payout percentage.

Therefore, make sure that you actually make a point of looking that information up, as over the long term, you will get more of your stake money back as winning payouts when you play the slots with the highest possible payout percentages.

Avoid iPhone Slot Apps That Charge for Demo Mode Credits

Sadly, some slot machine iPhone apps are going to charge you to purchase demo mode credits, and no sane and level-headed slot player is ever going to want to pay to play slot machines for free on their mobile devices.

So, make sure above everything else, when you are comparing just what slots are available to you on any app you like the look of and may be considering downloading, that you double check to see if they do charge users for demo mode credits, and if so, avoid using those apps is my advice.

When Playing for Real Money Look Out for Bonuses

For those of you that fancy trying your luck playing real money iPhone slots, be aware of the fact there will be plenty of promotional offers include sign up welcome bonuses being offered to you be a range of different iPhone casinos.

The best value ones by the way are those with no maximum payout limits attached to them and those that come with low play through requirements too, so do spend some time shopping around and comparing the finer details of any and all bonuses you see available to you.

Low, Medium and High Variance iPhone Slots

All slot machines will be designed with their own in-built level of risk, meaning that some slots are designed in such a way players get lots of smaller valued winning payouts spinning in to allow them to recycle their bankrolls many times when playing, and therefore get more play time.

However, some slot machines have an extremely high level of risk, meaning you will not get a lot of low valued winning spins, instead you have the chance of winning some mega amounts of cash with some luck in playing of course.

The low risk slots will be those that are collectively known as low variance slots, next you have medium variance slots, and the slot games that are high risk, but potentially extremely rewarding slots are high variance slots, but when playing the latter just be aware that you could bust out your bankroll rather quickly if the reels do not end up spinning your way.


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