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How to get Twitter blue tick subscription: step-by-step guide



Twitter Blue Subscription

If you use Twitter for business, you may be curious about the requirements for Twitter verification.

Considering that you have undoubtedly encountered Twitter verified accounts before. That blue insignia with the white checkmark is worn by them. Users of Twitter can only obtain this official badge once Twitter has manually inspected and validated their account. In actuality, it resembles becoming Instagram verified.

Users can tell your profile is reliable and real when you become verified on Twitter.

For verification, a variety of accounts might be taken into account. That covers accounts used by organisations, authorities, public figures, well-known people in music and art, influencers, journalists, and more.

After delaying the initial application process in 2017 due to a scandal involving a white nationalist account receiving the badge, Twitter announced a new verification method in May 2021.

The meaning of Twitter verification

How to get Twitter blue tick subscription: step-by-step guide

A legitimate, trustworthy, authentic, and of general interest account is indicated by a blue Twitter verification badge.

Unsure of what it means to have a “genuine” Twitter account? It indicates that you are not using a false identity, deceiving, or spamming. Additionally, you are not breaking any trademark or copyright restrictions.

Only Twitter has the authority to validate accounts and give profiles the blue checkmark badge. Nobody else can carry it out. Furthermore, you cannot add it yourself. (You will be suspended as a result. Details about items to avoid are provided below.)

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Additional information about Twitter verification is provided below:

Verification does not imply approval. The blue badge just indicates that Twitter found your account to be trustworthy.
The location of the official verification badge remains constant. The word “verified” will always appear next to the user’s username in both their profile and any tweets they send out. In search results, it is displayed as well with the username.
The official Twitter verified icon has a consistent appearance. The colour and shape of the emblems remain constant.
Being popular on Twitter is not a sufficient justification for getting verified.

A step-by-step guide to Twitter verification

What you have to do to become verified on Twitter is as follows:

Ensure that your profile complies with Twitter’s activity requirements.
Click “request verification” in your account settings to begin the verification process.
Click “Start Now” in the box that appears with more information about Twitter verification.
Select the appropriate category to identify yourself to Twitter.
Give evidence that you chose the correct category (e.g., your official website, articles about you, etc.).
Provide a legitimate email address, website, or government-issued ID to prove your identity.
After clicking “submit,” wait for Twitter to respond.

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Note: In your account information settings, the “confirmed” link ought to be the fourth entry. Your account does not fulfil Twitter’s eligibility requirements if you see it but are unable to click it.

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Three account required for Twitter

Active Twitter: Your account needs to meet three criteria in order to be verified. It ought to be authentic, significant, and active.

Notability: Your profile must be connected to a well-known brand or well-known person. Being well-known is crucial because the first step of the verification process is to “Tell us who you are.”

Authentic – You must be who you say you are on your profile in order for it to be true.

To prove to your followers that you are the actual you, become verified.

How to get Twitter blue tick subscription step-by-step guide

Your followers can see that they aren’t unintentionally following a bogus account thanks to the Twitter verified symbol. Additionally, it is the only mechanism for Twitter users to confirm an account’s authenticity. It enhances user experience overall, offers an additional degree of security for users and account owners, and stops the propagation of bogus news.

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You can unquestionably submit another request after 30 days if your initial verification request is rejected. You may ask for verification as many times as you like.

For the most recent Twitter verification requirements and updates, follow @Verified on Twitter. Once your account has been validated and you are ready to build it, visit Buffer and try out our content scheduling tool, which makes it simpler to schedule tweets in advance, interact with followers, and track outcomes.

How can you check the status of your Twitter Blue subscription?

Select Twitter Blue from the Profile menu by tapping the three dots on or the three lines on your app’s screen. You can tell you’ve signed up for Twitter Blue by looking for an Active status badge with a green check.

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Additionally, according to Twitter, verified users will receive a number of perks, including half as many relevant advertising as before. We’re going to reward you with half the advertisements and make them twice as relevant because you’re helping Twitter fight the bots, it stated.

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The verified or blue tick owners will be able to submit longer videos, and the replies, mentions, and searches for their material will be prioritised. This reduces the visibility of spam, bots, and frauds, according to Twitter.

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