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How to Organize a Perfect Online Date



Something has changed in the last decade that pushed us towards a digital-driven lifestyle, and nowadays, you can do almost everything on the web. You can order food, work, take dance classes, and even find a wife online. And when you consider that you can easily buy wife online, having an ideal online date should be a walk in the park. But is it?

The idea of organizing online dates is not new to people who have had to use legit mail order bride sites to find the best mail order brides. They have found creative ways to deal with their limited date options due to the distance barrier. So they hold their dates online until they meet in person to cement their relationship.

It is easy for us to lose interest in people we meet online, especially if there hasn’t been a physical meeting after weeks or months of chatting. However, having online dates is the best alternative if you can’t meet physically. So to ensure that you keep your online relationship going, take the following steps to organize an online date:

Pick a day and time

The timing of your online date is essential, and it has to be something you both agree on. There should be no distractions on a date. So both of you have to pick a day and time when you are sure of giving each other your full attention.

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Be committed to the day and time you have chosen, and if there will be changes, you must inform your online partner early enough. We recommend notifying them two days in advance. See to it that any possible reasons for canceling the date are addressed to avoid leaving the other party stranded.

Water the ground

Before going on a date with someone, you will often have conversations to build anticipation. Online dates work like this too. Both of you should talk about the date and build anticipation as you would before a physical meeting. You should often tell them that you cannot wait for it to happen and show excitement. Watering the ground will make the date experience more intimate.

Pick a date type

There are so many virtual date ideas to choose from: go through them and choose one. We recommend finding something that both of you would have enjoyed doing on a physical date and recreate it virtually. Avoid the temptation of wanting to please them at your expense. So try date ideas you both find interesting to ensure you have an amazing online date.

Pick the right music

Thankfully, Spotify now has the duo feature, where you can share a playlist with someone. Create a playlist of songs you both like that are perfect for a date, and play them while on the online date. Music is a great way to set the mood for your date, so play the songs softly and watch the date take a pleasant turn.

Pick the right outfits

The kind of virtual date you choose will determine the kind of outfit you wear. However, try to wear what you would wear had the date been physical. For example, if it was going to be a sit-at-home movie date with pajamas, wear that for the online equivalent. Dressing shabbily on an online date will send the wrong impression to your partner.

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Set the location right

The kind of date you choose will determine its location. If it is the regular dinner date, set up your dining with flowers and candles and if you opt for a movie date, arrange your couch to feel like it. Mimicking the physical ambiance and location of a date will help keep the mood for its duration. Finally, the best way to enjoy your online date is to ensure your partner is putting in as much effort as you to make it work.

Include foods and drinks

Like the step above, your date idea will determine the foods and drinks you will include. If it is a movie date, popcorn is perfect, and if it is a restaurant-themed online date, wine and exotic foods will work. You can eat while talking to each other on video chat platforms. If you are ordering an exotic dish for yourself, do well to have some delivered to your date as well. The same goes for wine; order everything in pairs.

Send gifts

One way to pleasantly surprise your partner during the online date is to have thoughtful presents delivered to their doorstep and have them unwrap them while you watch. You can send them flowers, outfits, jewelry, or even a bottle of wine. There are so many date gift ideas online, so do some research, pick some based on your partner’s likes, and send them gifts.

Final thoughts

Online dates will not stop being popular anytime soon, as people become comfortable staying and working from home. So if you are seeing someone online, leverage technological advancements to spice up your relationships. Ensure that you go on online dates regularly so that you don’t feel too distant from each other.

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Also, remember that while having online dates can help maintain a relationship, it is not a sustainable option. You will have to arrange a physical meeting at some point. But until that physical date happens, the steps mentioned above will help you plan the perfect online date.


Jaime Polsters is a relationship counselor who has been in the game for years. From his wealth of experience, he has helped people meet their partners and went on to help them grow their relationships. In his workshop, people have learned to meet ideal partners and gotten married. He currently works at YourMailOrderBride, where he helps more people meet and find love.

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