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How to play creeper sounds in Minecraft



how to play creeper sounds in minecraft

How to play creeper sounds in Minecraft: The Creeper is one of the most iconic mobs in Minecraft, but also one of the most annoying. It became one of the first hostile mobs introduced into the game. The creeper’s most prominent feature is to silently attack you and explode, causing damage to you and the surrounding environment. One of the few sounds that creepers make is when they are about to burst. Therefore, the hissing sound of the creeper is the most famous within the network and has given unlimited fear to many people.

Keeping in mind that Minecraft is a sandbox game, it allows you to play any sound even if a unit or block is not present near you. Here is a brief guide to playing the Creeper sound in the game.

How to play creeper sounds in Minecraft

Here are the Steps to play creeper sound in Minecraft:

1) Activate cheats

First, you’ll want to set the cheats to manually play the Creeper’s sound. This is because the easiest way to play these sounds is to use the instructions, which are not allowed unless cheats are activated in the world.

If you have an existing International in Java Edition, you want to pause the game, go to the ‘Open to LAN’ option, and then click ‘Set of Cheats’ to immediately access the instructions. In Bedrock Edition, cheats can be enabled virtually by going into world settings and toggling the settings.

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If you are creating a new global, start the cheat right from the about page. This is applicable to both Java and Bedrock editions.

2) Input the /playsound command

As soon as cheats are enabled in the world, you can enter the ‘/playsound’ command to play almost any sound found in the game. After entering the main command, you need to specifically find the Creeper sounds. To open the list for the purpose of showing Creeper sounds, you need to type ‘unit’ right after ‘/playsound’.

This can reveal a comprehensive list of sounds made by organizations. You can honestly scroll down and find Lata’s voice. There are basically three special sounds that creepers make: one when they get hurt, one when they die, and one when they explode, this would be written as ‘primed’.

The primed sound is that famous whispering sound you hear every time the crowd is about to explode. Next, select the desired sound from the list and then type Ambient so that the sound plays in the surrounding environment. Finally, you can enter your username or someone else’s username to focus the sound if you want them to focus.

The command should look like this when completed:

/playsound minecraft:entity.creeper.primed environment {your username}

This way you can play the creeper sound that will definitely scare everyone the first time.


What sound do creepers make Minecraft?

Footstep noises

Can you hear creepers in Minecraft?

Usually, Creepers are silent.

Where does the creeper sound come from?

Is the needle scratching the start of a vinyl record

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Are creepers silent?

A creeper is practically mute until it comes near the gamer

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