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How To Play Fortnite Drinking Game (Complete Guide)



Fortnite Drinking Game

Fortnite is one of the popular Battle Royale games that is famous for its unique gameplay mechanics. In this game, a person is dropped into 100 players world. The only goal is to stay alive till the last. Every minute, the game becomes tense and keeps you engaged until the end. However, if you are an adult and want the game to have more fun, then the Fortnite Drinking game is the best option.

The Fortnite Drinking game is perfect for those who love to play games while getting drunk at the same time. Besides the kids, adults can enjoy the Fortnite game by playing its Drinking game.

Are you looking for a way to play the Fortnite Drinking game? Then you arrived at the correct place. In this guide, we will share how to play the Fortnite Drinking game and its rules.

Fortnite Drinking Game- A quick Overview

The Fortnite Drinking game is a fun version of Fortnite that involves drinking. Players can play this game either in teams or duos. It is really fun to drink and play together with your friends. The Fortnite Drinking game is a Cross Platform game, meaning you can play it on any device. However, there are certain rules to playing this game. If you are playing this game in a duo, there will be a total of 50 teams.

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The Fortnite drinking game is a fun way to spend your night. It is really fun to see which player gets picked off. The player who stands last on the island will win the game.

Things required to play Fortnite Drinking Game

  • Mixer or beers
  • A device to play Fortnite
  • Bottle of Spirits

How to play the Fortnite Drinking Game?

It is one of the best drinking games you can play on any device- Android, iOS, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. There are two ways to play this game. It is completely the players’ choice to decide when they want to drink.

“Drink When…” mode

Under this game mode, you and your friend will drink at the same time. However, there are some specific rules for drinking that players need to follow.

“Drink According to the place”

Under this game mode, you play the Fortnite game normally and drink and the end of the game. The quantity of drinking is completely based on the rank you got at the end of the game.

The Fortnite Drinking Game Rules

As we discussed earlier, the game provides two game modes. Naturally, the rules for the different modes will be different. Let’s discuss the rules one by one.

Game rules for “Drink When…” mode

  • If your place is higher than 10th
  • When any team member is killed- drink
  • Failed to revive your team member- drink
  • When you are killed by a shotgun- drink
  • The first person to die in a team
  • If one of your team members gets Sniper killed from 100 meters
  • If your team member gets a grenade kill
  • When you die from a fall
  • If your place is higher than 50 in Duo
  • If your place is higher than 35 in Squad
  • When your team member able to kill 2 man squad
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Game Rules for “Drink According to the place” mode

  • If you get 100th place– finish your entire drink
  • If you got the place between 99th to 75th– Drink 5 times
  • If you performed average and got a place between 74th to 50th– Drink three times
  • Ranked between 49th to 25th– Drink two times
  • If you ranked between 24th to 10th– Drink 1 time
  • If you got the rank between 9th to 5th– Give 3 drinks to the person of your choice.
  • If you managed to get high ranks between 4th and 2nd, give 5 drinks to a person.
  • Got the first rank– All the players except you need to finish their drinks


Consumption of Alcohol is harmful to health. We do not support drinking games. If at any moment you feel uncomfortable, please stop drinking and playing this game. We advise you to stay safe and drink responsibly.

Final Words

That’s how you can play the Fortnite Drinking game. It is completely a fun-loving game that does not arrive with hard and fast rules. Players can even customize the rules accordingly. Young players can even play this game by replacing Alcohol with Soda. Remember the game is just for fun, so stop overdoing anything.

Happy Gaming!!

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