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How To Play Gomoku on iMessage? (Easy Guide 2023)



How to play Gomoku on iMessage

Gomoku is an interesting Strategy Board game that is based on your strategy to form your five-stone line while blocking your opponent’s line formation. The player who can form the first line is the winner of the game. The best thing is that players can now play Gomulu on iMessage with their friends using iPhones. It is more convenient to play Gomoku on iMessage than traditional online games. You don’t need to wait for the other person to come online, just start the game, and other people will join when getting the time. However, many players wonder how to play Gomoku on iMessage.

Gomoku is the most fantastic game in Korea. It is a simple yet challenging game enjoyed by players of all ages. In this game, the target of the player is to place five stones of the same color in a row with no more than two empty spaces between them.

Today in this detailed guide, we will discuss How to Play Gomoku on iMessage, the game’s rules, the game installation procedure, and some tips on scoring high and winning the game. So keep reading the post till the end.

How to Install Gomoku on iMessage?

Players must first install the GamePigeon App on their iPhones to play Gomoku on iMessage. You can download GamePigeon from App Store or download it directly on iMessage. The steps to install Gomoku on iMessage are:

  • First of all, open the Messages app on your iPhone.
  • Open the chat with the person you want to play the game with.
  • Next, you need to launch the App Store. For this, tap on the App Store icon
  • By using the Search bar, look for GamePigeon and download it to your iPhone
  • When the app gets installed, it will appear at the bar of the iMessage. You can use this app to access Music, Memoji, and more.
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How to Play Gomoku on iMessage?

Gomoku is a board game that is played with black and white stones on the board. You can play this game with either two or four players. To win this game, players must place five stones in a row either Horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

You first need a Gomoku board with black and white stones to set up the game. Place the black stones on one side of the board while the white stones are on the other side. Now each player will get the turn to place their stones on the board. You can skip placing one stone when your turn arrives. Once all the spaces are filled, the player who gets five stones in a row will win the game.

Moreover, Gomoku offers lots of variations in the game. One variation is called Renju, in which players can only place their stones next to their stone either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. If the player places their stones next to two enemies’ stones, he will lose the game.

  • To play the Gomoku game, first of all, open the Message app and chat with the person you want to play with.
  • At the bar, find the GamePigeon app. Once you find it, tap on the GamePigeon icon.
  • It will display all the games available
  • From the list of games, choose the Gomoku app.
  • Now, you need to click on the Blue Arrow icon to send an invite
  • Once the player accepts the invitation, you are good to go
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What are the rules for playing Gomoku?

  • You can play the game with your fellows or with Computer. If you choose to play against Computer, you will probably get black stones. The player who got black stones will always have the first turn.
  • To play the turn, players need to place the stone on the intersection and tap on Send button at the bottom.
  • Once you tap on the Send button, you cannot change the position of the stone.
  • The back-and-forth placing of the stones continues until one player gets five stones in a row.

How to Customize your Avatar on Gomoku?

To customize your Avatar on Gomoku, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, select the GamePigeon App
  • Click on Settings. Here you will find many options to customize your Avatar, such as Hairstyle, gender, shirt, glass, cap, and more.
  • Once you complete editing, tap on the back arrow. That’s it!

Tips to win the game

  • To win the game, blocking your opponent’s way is always a good strategy.
  • The player who receives the first turn has always an advantage over the second player. It increases your chance of winning.
  • The second stone of the first player must be placed at least three intersections away from the initial tile. This rule was first implemented during the 1991 World Championships

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I play a game on iMessage without the Internet?

No! To play any game on iMessage with friends and family, you need a good internet Connection

Q2: List some games that I can play on iMessage.

  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Mr. Putt
  • Pictoword
  • Play Chess for iMessage
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Final Words

That’s everything about How to play Gomoku on iMessage. Gomoku is unquestionably the most entertaining game, including fun, amusement, and mental stimulation. Playing games on iMessage is more convenient as you don’t have to play the entire game in one go. Once you understand the fundamentals of the game, you must plan your plays to win the game. We hope you found this guide helpful and informative. Keep sharing it with your friends and family.

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