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How to Protect Your Child from Being Attacked Online



Anyone who has an online presence is likely to get attacked by online vulnerabilities such as phishing, data stealing, online frauds, and so on. Adults, the informed ones, can manage to save their necks from these online attacks but children can’t.

They are naïve about what damage these online attacks can do.  This is why they are on the radar of online predators. Kids are their easy targets. So, if you have a child then you just can’t handover a mobile phone to him/her and sleep tight.

You need to be extra vigilant and alert. Well, we have something that can help you and trim down your hassle. Read this post to know more about it.

Spyier – The Reliable Defence against All Online Attacks

Spyier is one of the best text spy apps that have been trusted by millions of people already. Packed with some extra-ordinary features and advanced AI, this is the only reliable way to keep kids protected from multiple online attacks.

Spyier is available for this and many other phone monitoring related jobs in 190 nations easily. 

Its service and facilities have been applauded by many famed media houses like Forbes, CNET, The New York Times, and many others. They all have included it in the list of top text spy apps of 2020. Check it here.

The secret behind such a huge popularity of Spyier is because of its ability to do risk-free phone monitoring. It’s not like other random phone spy apps that help at one point and create endless hassles from another side.

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To know more reasons behind the huge popularity of Spyier, scroll down.

Spyier works with the least possible hazards

Spyier’s at work technology is free from risks as there is no involvement of activities like rooting/jailbreak. While these two activities will help you taste success in a phone monitoring job, there are many risks that they invite knowingly and unknowingly.

For instance, the performance of the targeted device’s performance will be reduced considerably. Also, its original security will be compromised.  Having these issues while protecting kids from being attacked is not a smart move.

Spyier doesn’t work like that. If it promises to help you then it helps you; doesn’t increase your tension. 

Also, it doesn’t save data on the server which is a great relief. The apps or software which does that are again a headache as they disperse your key data exposed.  In a nutshell, Spyier offers risk-free and hassle-free assistance.

Spyier makes online safety an easy job

When you aim to ensure the online safety of kids or anyone else, you must know that the road ahead is not going to be easy. The process is complex and can only be completed if you have great competency. This is the general scenario.

The scenario with Spyier is a different and easier one. Spyier for iOS comes with a 100% web-based interface that demands zero installation and set-up. It can come into action using any regular device and browser. Nothing special tool or technique is needed.

Spyier for Android is again a very advanced app that shares the majority of similarities with any regular Android app. As the app is less than 2MB in size, the entire set-up job will last for 5-minutes

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It keeps your secrets

Though you would be monitoring your kids’ phone for their safety, you can’t reveal it to anyone else. Your kids will be mad at you when they will find out that you’re keeping an eye on them. Spyier is a pro at keeping secrets.  

Its Android solution comes with a stealth mode that hides the presence of the app on the targeted device. No one, not even your kid will be able to find out that the app is present on the phone and inform a parent about every online activity.

The same sort of super-concealing abilities is witnessed in its dashboard. By keeping the target phone’s involvement zero is data fetching and processing, it has managed to keep its operations a secret affair. It doesn’t force you to stay around the target to fetch the details.


Spyier protects your kids by all means 

What makes online protection a tough job is its extensive nature. Online dangers come in such an assorted form that people find it difficult to spot them in the first place. Your child can click on a malicious link mentioned in a text or like a post that contains a virus.

Spyier is so advanced and cut-above that no matter which type is of the online danger, you’ll be protected. Here is an example.

If you’re worried about which all social media platforms your kids use, try the Social Media Monitoring feature that will help you find out all the profiles that your child owns.

So, you want to know what text your child is typing on any of the social media platforms, use its keylogger. This advanced tool will track the keystroke movements and help you find out this.

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Worried whether or not your child is searching the malicious website, try its Web-browsing History tracking and find out every detail.

This is just an overview. The actual abilities are more than this and are adequate to provide your child with all-around online safety. 

How reliable is Spyier?

A lot of talks have been about the credibility of Spyier. Now, it’s time to talk about its credibility. You will be glad to know that Spyier will never disappoint you when data reliability is concerned. 

It captures data in real-time and delivers data without any third party’s involvement.

This makes us believe that data would be un-tampered and true-to-life. Each entry is delivered with a timestamp. So, you can verify its viability then and there. 

Is it costly?

It’s natural to consider Spyier a pricy tool after knowing what all it can do for you. But, don’t worry. It won’t make you rob the bank. In fact, it is very much cost-effective. There are three subscription choices to make and each one is pocket-friendly.

If you choose its premium subscription, your monthly expenses would be only $ 10. At this cost, it can monitor around 35 phone activities. Can anything be better than this? 

The Crux of the matter – Easy and affordable online protection 

With Spyier, every parent can have a good night’s sleep while kids can enjoy a secure online presence. It is so advanced and robust that no one will be able to find out what it is up to and keeps multiple types of dangers at bay.

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