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How to Protect Your IP from Hackers



Every device that connects to the internet has its IP address.  From computers to smart fridges, if it relates to the internet, it has an IP address.  There’s a lot of information hackers can glean from this address, from where you live to your service provider.  Although that doesn’t seem bad, it can aid them in stealing your identity and committing cybercrime to make it look like it was you.

It would help if you protected all of your personal information, but especially your IP address.  Here’s how to ensure that your information stays yours securely and that nobody can snatch it from you.

Use Unique Passwords Every Time

As tempting as it might be to use the same two or three passwords for everything, doing so puts you at supreme risk.  This means that if one site has access to your password, it automatically gives them access to your accounts on multiple other sites, including places that might store information about your IP address.  This is extraordinarily dangerous.  Keep a notebook near your computer where you can write down your random passwords and access them later without the chance of anyone online getting them.

Don’t Click Links You Don’t Know.

The worst thing you can do on the internet is clicked links that you can’t possibly know the origin of.  Although some phishing emails are clever, most of them boil down to trying to get you to give up as much information as possible.  Although you may be asking yourself, ‘what is my IP?’ because you’re unsure, the place to find out isn’t from a random email you were sent from an unknown email.

Avoid Websites that Seem Fishy

If you’ve been hunting for a new television, and you find a site with a seventy-inch tv for less than fifty bucks: don’t try to check out or use this site.  They can track your information, and the more you give them, the worse.  On top of this, the site can also steal your money and make it so that it’s impossible to recover from what theft they attack with financially.

Use Safe VPNs When Necessary

A virtual private network will ensure that your information is safe and it’s yours.  Although there are still some ways for very driven individuals to steal your data, it’s far harder with a VPN.  These can be relatively cheap and used monthly but will ensure nobody has access to your information regardless of what sites you access. 

Be Careful on Public Networks

If you use a public network and don’t keep your computer secure, you could be inviting hackers and scammers into your personal information.  Ensure that you join networks with your settings clear that it’s a public network and not to share any of your data.

The internet is an incredible space, and it’s good to explore and have fun on it, but you have to be careful.  If the wrong scammer gets your information, you could be in for a world of trouble!

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