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How to send WhatsApp Messages to yourself?



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Hey readers, want to send messages to yourself on WhatsApp? Do you know How to send WhatsApp Messages to yourself? No, then this is for you !!

Nowadays many people have realized that they love their own company, just kidding !! Actually many times we want to keep some stuff at one side so that whenever we want them again , we don’t have to search it on our devices in file managers. So what we do – is to send that stuff to your any closed one- that has no concern with that stuff and then you may text him – that please ignore it – as you are just sending it to make a note for yourself. But many times this causes hurdles.

So this is high time – and now you must want a way by which you can send WhatsApp messages to yourself . Well, yes this is possible. To know more about it- read out the complete article!!

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Methods to send WhatsApp messages to yourself?

Method 1 :

Use WhatsApp Groups

  1. Go to WhatsApp
  2. Tap on Menu, then pick New group
  3. Get a quirky group name and press on Next button
  4. Add one of your close friend to your group
  5. Click on Create group to finish the group creation
  6. Now your group has only two members (you and your friend).
  7. Next step is remove your friend from your newly created group. This will leave you as the only member of the group.
  8. Now when you send a message to the group, it will be delivered only to you! Isn’t it simple?
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Method 2 :

Use Country code

  1. Open your phone’s browser (it can be Google Chrome)
  2. In the address bar type and add your country code and then the ten digits of your phone number. For example, for Mexico the code is 52, so it would be
  3. Then a window will appear with an invitation to chat with the corresponding number and a button that says “Continue to chat.” Then press that option
  4. Later, a new chat with yourself will open in the WhatsApp application and you can start sending yourself messages or different multimedia files

Method 3 :

USE WhatsApp Direct

  1. Open WhatsApp Direct on your smartphone.
  2. Select the appropriate country code from the dropdown. Your selected code will be remembered by the app for future usage.
  3. Enter your registered WhatsApp phone number and a test message to initiate the chat.
  4. You will be redirected to a new WhatsApp chat with your phone number on it.

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So this is all about How to send WhatsApp messages to yourself. I hope you would found it fruitful. If it so, then what are you waiting for. Start talking to yourself via WhatsApp, either it be a sound note, a voice message, a confidential report or anything that you want to keep for yourself only. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family too, after all – sharing is caring ,right !!


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