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How To Stalk Someone on Instagram



Stalking is not always harmful! Stalking or peeping into someone else’s account to know what’s happening isn’t actually harmful. You have of course stalked or had a feeling to stalk or lurk into someone’s account to get the bits without their knowledge. That irresistible urge is something hard to overcome and he was guilty at some point. Stalking friends, ex-friends, family and even stars has crossed everyone. But when stalking someone on Instagram, this could be a hard task. As it is not just about getting access to viewing data on that account but also going unnoticed. You cannot afford to open up a story or highlight, as that would have you enlisted in the Instagram story viewer. Clicking on the like or react button accidently or unknowingly can also get you caught. Then how do you stalk someone over Instagram. This blog details your ways to stalk someone easily over Instagram without being caught.

Use a third-party application:

This is a simpler and more efficient way to stalk someone. A fake account still has a chance of being blocked or refusal to accept a follow request, but no one can help what you see on third-party applications. Using a third-party application helps you view the profile of any Instagram user freely and anonymously without the fear of being caught. There are websites to view anonymous stories of both private and public accounts. One such app that helps you view any user’s story or highlights anonymously is StoriesIG. This is a third-party app that helps you view any story or highlight of any Instagram account anonymously and for free. The app uses API Powered technology to fetch information from any public profile on Instagram and helps you see their stories in StoriesIG. Viewing stories on third party applications helps you avoid being enlisted in the Instagram story viewer list. StoriesIG works on all devices and requires you to use the username of the person only. Enter the username on the app and it fetches you all the stories of that particular person. StoriesIG is a safe app and does not promote any stalking that might cause harm or destruction to life and property in any sense.

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Conceal your identity under fake name or ask your friend to help:

Now many of us have already done this. Wanting to stalk your friend or ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, we have made a fake account or asked our friend to check and provide details. Whenever you feel like you want to stalk someone you can make a fake Instagram id and do that. This way you can easily conceal your identity under another name or you can even ask for your friend’s id to stalk someone. While this is a great idea, just remember the person can still see that an unknown id is watching content from the profile. This idea might seem desperate but works well for many. You can easily create a fake account and follow them.

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