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How to Turn an Old Phone into an Online Casino Gaming Machine



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Updating from an older phone to a newer device can be an exciting experience. As rewarding as this can be, however, many of us feel a little sadness over the demotion of an older machine that served us well for years. With the right approach, however, you might not have to put your former phone out to pasture. For titles like online casino games, it’s possible to turn older systems into capable gaming platforms, and it’s easier than you might think.

What Can Players Expect

Although we’re talking about playing games without compromise, we don’t mean that players need to necessarily turn to older games. Since online casino titles often come with such low requirements, even outdated systems should have few problems with modern line-ups like the slot games as Paddy Power. Titles like Reel Talent, Lucha Legends, and Nitro Circus are all within the grasp of systems a few generations old, so you won’t have to miss out.

Preparing Your Device

While getting started with slot games could be as simple as heading to websites, to ensure the best possible performance, we’re going to have to make sure your old phone is clean.

Step One: Backup your Data

It’s easy to forget important data you might have stored on your phone years ago, so we first need to ensure everything you want to keep is properly saved. Standard mobile file browser and galleries functions can help accomplish this feat. You can either transfer this data via the internet or place it on an SD card and use the card to transfer all the files you want manually. For a more streamlined option, you can also utilize the systems outlined on Windows Report.

Step Two: Cleaning the Device

Whether working from a computer or a mobile, the installation of unnecessary data and apps will eventually slow systems an appreciable amount. Even for low requirement titles like online casino games, this data clogging can have a detrimental effect. To combat the problem, we’re going to go with a complete wipe, also called a factory reset.

If you have an Apple device, then this guide from Business Insider will explain the steps you need to take. For Android users, this simple support page from Google should point you on your way. Once complete, your phone will be clean of all unnecessary data, and you might already see a difference in system speed.

Note that a device might prompt you to install unnecessary apps on a factory reset, so decline any notifications for app installs that automatically appear.

Step Three: Install What you Need

For modern online casino websites, you’ll rarely need to install direct apps. Contemporary systems operate on HTML 5, which means the only real program you’ll need to install is a browser like Chrome or Edge. Once this is complete, log in to your browser account so passwords can be easily stored, and you’re ready to go.

Though this guide has been written with casino games in mind, users should also keep in mind that emulation of old video games is also a possible task that older phones can be used for. Whatever route you take, remember to keep your system free from apps you don’t need, download a malware scanner like Malwarebytes for safety, and it might surprise you at how much life is left in your retired smartphone.

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