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How to bypass FRP lock on Samsung without root?



how to unlock samsung phone

Hey readers, Do you know how to unlock Samsung Phone without root? If you have bought the Samsung old phone, and it is having an FRP lock, then how can you unlock it? If this question is also bothering you then Congratulations folks, You have landed at the right spot.

In earlier times, If you have ever bought a Samsung old phone, then simply by using Factory Reset, you can make the phone yours by formatting your phone completely as it will become a new device after Factory Reset.

Droidkit is a one and all complete solution

for all your android data recovery problems. If you want to bypass the FRP lock on Samsung Phones, Then it could be a great help. The best part about Droidkit is that it bundles up all the amazing collection of android data recovery options in a single place. So you don’t have to go to various places for different android issues.

But after the introduction of Android 5.1,

the whole scenario changed. Actually what happened is that – In later versions of android 5, Factory Reset Protection (FRP) was introduced whose main purpose was that if the owner of the phone set any password in the FRP section, then no one else can reset the phone without putting that code into it.

So in case, the owner has forgotten that code, and now you are feeling helpless, then don’t you worry guys, Droidkit is here for your rescue.

Why do you need Droidkit to bypass FRP locks?

Well, not only for individuals but in fact, many companies are also facing this issue that – whenever an employee leaves the organization and was accessing a company’s phone, then it becomes nearly impossible for the organization to seize FRP locks.

In case you don’t know about FRP. Then let me tell you that FRP or Factory Reset Protection is a security lock that usually protects your personal data when your phone is lost or stolen.

So this security lock actually comes into force, whenever any unauthorized person or thief who has stolen the device used it to reset the phone to erase all details, but as soon as he does so, the phone gets locked if FRP is enabled in that phone. This is a great feature that ensures security but indeed this becomes a problem too if a genuine buyer or company tries to unlock the phone.

Factory Reset actually reset all your phone settings to their default settings, by simply removing all your files, downloaded apps, and important confidential data. So this is the reason that Android phone users usually set up their Google accounts, simultaneously keeps on activating FRP lock on the device.

So here Droidkit with its amazing features comes into play.

What can you recover with Droidkit?

  • Lost photos,
  • Whatsapp chats,
  • Messages,
  • the lock screen on androids
  • Bypass FRP locks on Samsung phones and tablets.
  •  you can clear all junk files
  • fix system issues
  • get the updated version of the OS

Many android experts on this situation suggest that you need to root your phone but definitely it is risky. We never recommend rooting the phone, as it may create many issues in processing or with the operating system later on. Moreover, it also removes all the warranty details of the device. So your device comes out of warranty before time. So now you must be understanding what risks are involved in rooting your phone. Moreover, not anyone can root the phone, even experts also may get stuck while rooting your phone, so one wrong step and you will lose your phone permanently. So what’s the benefit?

How to unlock Samsung phones?

Definitely, we need some expert solution in order to know how to unlock Samsung phones. As we said earlier Droidkit is an instant solution, once you use this amazing tool, then next time, you will look nowhere else for any android data recovery issues. It doesn’t help only in bypassing FRP locks but also helps to recover your lost data on androids, can clear junk files, fix system issues, and what not?

Currently, Droidkit can bypass FRP locks only on Samsung phones. Oh, you are an android user of some other company? Don’t fret over it guys !! Droidkit is working on this too, and very soon this feature will work for all android phones too.

How to bypass FRP lock on Samsung Without Root?

how to unlock samsung phone

how to unlock Samsung phone

Droidkit is an amazing tool that can bypass FRP locks on Samsung phones without root. As Droidkit bundles up the customized solutions for any kind of androids, you are using. And you know what is the best part about Droidkit?  Droidkit has the maximum success rate in the same field. In fact, even if you are not a tech giant, then also you don’t need to worry. All the solutions listed in Droidkit are simply amazing. Any non-tech person who is not much aware of technicalities can use this tool effectively. So you can regain complete access to your device without any hustle and bustle with a few quick steps using Droidkit.

Features of Droidkit

  • Recover data

Here Droidkit can help you to recover almost 13 types of data that you might think that have permanently lost. But this miraculous software helps you in its expertise manner. It understands android users’ issues, so it is compatible with almost all kinds of androids and can recover almost all types of data that might be important for you and you mistakenly lost it.

  • Never seen before Android Experience

Any kind of android issues – bugs, errors, or fixes. droid kit is the perfect solution for all android related problems, It gives you a whole new experience of your androids.

  • Bring Your Dead Phone Back to Life Right Away

how to unlock samsung phone

how to unlock samsung phone

Yes, Droidkit is a magical wand indeed, Any type of device you are using, any state it can be in, it helps you out with its customized solutions. So what you only have to do is to sit back and relax, and leave you all android related issues on Droidkit. It can bring life to any dead or crashed phone.

  • Removal of all types of Screen locks without Root

Any type of screen lock – pattern, fingerprint, facelock, the pin can be removed by Droidkit. Droidkit name indicates its features- As it is a kit that holds all possible solutions for all sorts of android issues, Isn’t it?

  • Bypass Samsung FRP Lock With a Single Click

As already discussed, the efficiency with which droid kit works to remove FRP locks on Samsung phones is truly unbeatable. We have checked various solutions and apps, but the success rate we have observed so far is really commendable in the case of Droidkit. With a single click, you can solve this nightmare-like issue and the phone will be completely yours. It also helps you to know how to unlock a Samsung phone.

  • Upgrade/Reinstall the Android Version you want 

Not only this, If you also want to upgrade your phone to any latest android version, then also Droidkit is a great companion for you. As it helps you to update or reinstall your android phones to any extent you want.

So what are you waiting for? Try this amazing hack and leave your all worries on one-stop solution Droidkit. 

What can you expect after bypassing FRP locks on Samsung Phone using Droidkit?

Well, as said earlier, Droidkit can help you to know how to unlock Samsung phones easily but do you know after bypassing FRP locks, what will happen to your device? If you nodded your head in NO, then let me tell you –

It helps you to regain complete access and exposure to your phone instantly.

Moreover, the entire details of the last Google account used on the device will be removed completely from your gadget.

Now you are not restricted, so you can use any google account of yours on your phone to take all benefits of Google services.

Not only this, it Droid kit helps you in another way too –

It Bypasses the FRP Lock Instantly

You don’t need a tech expert for this solution nor you have to send your phone to any workshop. While relaxing on your couch, you can do so easily in few moments.

Moreover –

Your Privacy Stays Safe and Sound

Yes- you read that right. Since you are not sending your phone anywhere so you don’t have to worry about the privacy and security of your data. It will stay safe and sound. Moreover, it comes with SSL-256 level encryption. So your privacy remains intact.

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Final Words :

So readers, now you must be aware now how much important is to have Droidkit for all your android related issues. To bypass FRP locks on Samsung phones can’t be so easy without Droidkit. We have tried and tested various applications and tools. But indeed this is one of the best solutions we have got so far in order to know how to unlock the Samsung phone.

I hope this may help you out. How much this amazing tool – Droidkit helped you, write to us in the comment section. We would love to extend our knowledge.

Thanks 🙂


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