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How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos (Quick Guide)



How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos (Quick Guide)

Hey folks, Do you want to watch Deleted Youtube Videos? If you nodded your head in a YES, then this is for you readers !!

YouTube is the hub of a variety of videos- If you want to study online,  want to entertain yourself, or want to learn something interesting, YouTube has everything to cater to your needs. But many times, some videos get deleted on YouTube. There could be many genuine reasons for that -like-

Maybe the maker of the video removed it from its channel

  • Or The chance is also high that YouTube has removed it due to a violation of any policy of the platform.
  • in that case, it will show you a message that – “the video is no longer available”. Sad, right?

Well, do you really think that anything on the web once uploaded can be removed completely? in some cases, the answer is YES, But most of the time, you can still watch Deleted YouTube Videos by just following few methods.

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Best Ways to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

#1: Use Link to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

One of the most decent methods to watch deleted Youtube videos is to use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Confused? Well, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine is basically the digital archive to WWW. (WWW is the hub of all the information and data available on the web). Here many algorithms running at the backend and keeps downloading all the publicly accessible web pages.

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This website now gives access to all the websites, software, movies, and whatnot. So in case, any of your favorite videos get deleted on YouTube, then you can search for them here.

But how will you search its database is also very huge, finding a video will not be easy, right?

No, Actually it is easy. You just need to have the URL of the old video that gets deleted from YouTube. If you have the link to the older video then half of the race has already been won. want to know, how? Then follow this quick guide :

These are the easiest steps to download the deleted YouTube videos from

Step 1: Initially go to the YouTube channel and gather some information about that particular video that you want to retrieve.

Step 2: Now after finding the deleted video URL,  copy that URL and open it. But it will not play and will give you an error message.

Step 3: Now pick this URL and move to the Wayback Machine website and quickly paste the URL in its search bar.

(You can also go to its browser history too)

Step 4: After this,  It will present all the upload history of the particular YouTube video. Now, you can simply locate the videos with the upload date, in case you have any idea about it.

Step 5: After this, you can download the video from the list of videos it will display. After downloading the video, If you want to upload that video again on YouTube, then also you can do so.

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#2 Youtube creators Support

The second best method to watch deleted Youtube videos is to use the YouTube Creators Support tool. If you are new to this youTube creator world and have accidentally removed one of your favorite created videos, then you can recover it with the help of the Support team.

For this follow these quick steps –

  • Initially move to your profile icon on your youtube channel
  • After this, here you will get a help icon on your screen.
  • Click on its sub-category -” need more help”.
  • After this, enter on getting creator support tab.
  • Then quickly look for Channel and video features.
  • Now request a chat with the support team.
  • Here a short form will appear with some fields.
  • Fill all fields carefully – like your name, your channel official name, URL, etc.
  • Now put the video ID of the deleted video here.
  • Also If you have any proof of your video getting deleted then make it into a file and upload it to the support team.
  • Now hit enter on submit button.
  • You will get an email after submitting it. (It may take some time, so keep calm)
  • So now you may get your deleted YouTube videos back and will be recovered by the Online support team of YouTube.
  • Enjoy !!

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#3  Use “RecoverIt” to watch deleted YouTube Videos

Recoverit is one of the best-known software that is used to recover deleted files (audio, video, doc, pdf, etc). It has wondrously performed in restoring the deleted YouTube videos, But what to do for using it? Nothing just follow the step-by-step guide given below and it will be done in few moments.

  • Initially pick the location from where you want to download the deleted Youtube videos.
  • You can also select an external storage device for the same.
  • Now start the scanning procedure of the chosen files.
  • Once the scanning process will end up, it will list out all the possible files it has recovered from that external storage medium.
  • If that particular video for which you are looking for, appears in the list, Confirm it first by clicking on the Preview button next to it.
  • It will show you all important details like the size of the file, format, name, etc.
  • After ensuring, tap on that video and click on the recover option to recover the video.
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Closing Words :

This is all about How to watch deleted YouTube videos, I hope you would like the post. Share it with the others so that they can also avail this facility and enjoy binge-watching videos.


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