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Improve your online presence with these great tips



Staying safe online is crucial in the digital world we live in. Many out there are looking for people to scam, and by increasing your online security, you are less likely to become a victim. Let’s have a look at what you should remember.

Only use strong passwords

A password is a key to your private accounts, and these should be picked with care. Your online profiles contain sensitive information that can be used against you if your password is leaked. To stay safe, use a password generator to find safe passwords to use. You can try it out here:

Change your passwords often

On the topic of passwords, it is always a good idea to change your password often, and not use the same one on every platform, if one gets leaked, it is easy to hack you on multiple sites. Use smart passwords and switch them out regularly.

Try a VPN service

VPN stands for virtual private networks and works great when it comes to keeping you more anonymous online. it lets you hide your location so that your IP address cannot be leaked.

Manage your accounts

After years and years online, the accounts you have to keep building up. Chances are that you have many accounts you are not using, and it can be a good idea to look through them and shut down the ones you no longer use. This gives you a better idea of where you are leaving traces online.

Watch out for email scams

Email scams have become very normal, and some get a form of scam sent to them daily. These are often mails that promise you money or claim that you have missing payments. Here it is important to use common sense and look into what it is before you act on it. Also, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Be aware of fake websites

Fake websites are all around us and can be harmful to be on. Studies show that many are not able to sport fake websites, which can lead to scams. There are some clues you can look for, for example, strange ads and re-directing pop-up windows.

Sign up with caution

If you find yourself on a fake website, or you are unsure if it is reliable or not, be extra careful to sign up for anything, and do not give them your credit card info. If the site is fake and has ill intentions, your sensitive information has landed in the wrong hands, and we don’t want that!

Use an antivirus program

A great way to protect yourself from viruses is an antivirus program. These run on your computer whenever you use them and help look for suspicious connections and downloads. Having a program like this makes it a little safer for you online.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you are online!


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