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Instagram Adds Custom Text to Link Stickers, New Color Options for Your Stories Links





  • Instagram Adds New Customization Options for Link Stickers.
  • New customization options for link stickers are a great way for marketers to be more creative in crafting their CTA links.
  • It can help boost conversion and engagement among Instagrammers.

Facebook’s own photo and video sharing platform Instagram is going to have many big changes. Instagram has improved its new Link Sticker feature by adding custom text and color options. Users can now write personalized text via these stickers instead of just sharing a URL in Instagram Stories.

The option to customize link stickers was not available when the feature was first widely introduced in October. Instagram had started testing this feature in June, but it was limited to verified accounts and very large accounts. The color scheme of these stickers can also be changed to improve their visibility on different images and backgrounds.

New accounts will not be granted instant access to Link stickers. In addition, accounts that continue to broadcast hate speech and misinformation will be forbidden from using them. Instagram has introduced a number of new features in an attempt to make it more convenient for teenagers.

How to get the new Instagram Stories Link Sticker?

According to Instagram, every user will have access to link stickers on stories soon! Yes, even if you have less than 10K followers. But how do you add a link sticker to your story? Well, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Instagram Story, create a Story, and select the link sticker. If you don’t have link stickers just yet, don’t worry! It’s still a very new feature and is being rolled out to all users, so it might take a few days or weeks to see them in your stickers.
  2. Paste the link you want to add in the link field.
  3. If you don’t like the color or the font that was assigned, you can change it by tapping on the sticker. Honestly, it’s that easy.

How to change the text on the Link Sticker in Instagram Story?

Here is how to change the text on the Link Sticker:

  • Press on the Link Sticker
  • Type your website URL
  • Tap on “Customise sticker text” (choose wisely because you can’t edit it again after)
  • Write your custom text.
  • Make a note in the caption for your team members or yourself to remember what custom text you want to use for your Link.

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