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Instagram iOS users can now delete their accounts from the app



Meta has now rolled out new functionality for users iOS Instagram users that allows them to delete or deactivate their accounts from the app if they want. This is done to comply with Apple’s updated App Store Review Guidelines that make it mandatory for all the apps to offer account creation and deletion options within the app.

iOS Instagram users can now delete their accounts from the app

Up till now, users had to open the desktop or mobile to delete their account from the platform. Meta has now announced that iOS users will now be able to do it directly from their handsets. For the unversed, the deactivate option is available for Android and iOS users right now but that does not delete the account from the platform. You always have an option to go back and activate it whenever you want. Hence, many users end up deactivating the account from their phones instead of deleting them

Apple told developers that apps offering account creation must also support account deletion starting on June 30, 2022, so Instagram waited for the deadline to add the feature.

According to Apple’s guidelines, apps must make it easy for users to find the account deletion option, and it is insufficient for an app to offer to temporarily disable or deactivate an account. An account must be able to be deleted, along with all personal data.

Our Instagram To delete the account,

you need to access your Instagram via a web browser on a mobile desktop. Instagram said that it is now rolling out this option in its iOS app. Previously, you could only deactivate your account from the app. It used to make you visible on the app but your data remains on Instagram servers. So, when users do not find an option to delete their accounts, they deactivate their accounts without realizing that their data will be stored on Instagram servers even if they do not use the app.

Apple’s updated App Store guidelines have mandated all apps to begin users deleting their account within the app. Apple said on its support page that when an account is removed from the app, it removes the account from the developer’s records, along with any data associated with the account that the developer is not legally required to maintain.

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