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Instagram launches captions sticker for Stories| Check details



Instagram New Features


  • Instagram introduces Captions sticker for Stories.
  • At launch, the feature is only available in English and in English-speaking countries.
  • Other apps that introduced the live caption feature include Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams.

Instagram has today officially launched its new captions sticker in Instagram Stories, providing another way for you to expand the accessibility of your Stories content.

The addition comes only weeks after TikTok announced its own captions feature, which it calls auto-captions.

To use the feature:

  • Creators will first record a new video using the Stories or Reels Camera in the Instagram app or select a video to upload from their phone’s gallery.
  • Then, you’ll open the sticker tray and look for the new “Captions” sticker, which will convert your speech to text.
  • You also can edit the style, position of the caption, and the text and color so it matches your content.
  • When you post, the captions will appear alongside your video for everyone to see.

The Instagram caption feature only works with English for now and hence, is currently only available in English-speaking countries. However, the feature is expected to eventually be available in other regions, as well as in other languages.

The captions sticker could also provide a range of new options for brands and creators, making it easier to reach a wider audience, and ensure that your Stories are able to be understood in sound on and sound off scenarios.

The company said in a release:

“We are working with our community to spread the word and encourage all creators to use auto-captions and other features that make content more accessible.” The captions sticker for Stories is now available in the latest version of the app.

“With captions, people can now express themselves in a more effortless yet still meaningful way, and their audience can watch and still engage.”

The automated captions won’t be perfect, so you will need to review the text. But it could be a valuable addition to your Stories tools, and it’ll be worth experimenting to see how it might fit into your Stories strategy.

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