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Instagram Tips: How to Hide Likes and Views on Instagram




Meta-Owned Platform- Instagram is one of the most emerging social Media Platforms that has millions of users globally. This platform lets the users share their images, videos, and reels while following pages they’re interested in. In 2022, the platform is not only home to young users, but businesses, brands, and influencers from all around the world. In such an environment where netizens have exposure to a vast audience, some users are not comfortable sharing the number of likes and views on their Instagram posts

For such users, Instagram brings the ability to hide their likes and views from the audience. Instagram now gives all users the option to hide or unhide the like count on posts. That means that instead of the default numerical value you’d normally see under a photo, it simply names a few users and adds “and others.

However, the feature is only available to photo and video posts whereas users cannot hide the like and view counter from the Reels that they publish.

How do hide likes and view counts on other people’s posts

Hiding likes and view counts on posts by other people is really simple. To do so, simply head over to your Instagram profile, tap on the three-line menu on the top right of the page and choose the ‘Settings’ option.

From there, head over to the ‘Privacy’ section and tap on ‘Posts’. You will now see an option to ‘Hide like and view counts. Turn it on and you will no longer see the number of likes or views on posts by other people.

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How to hide likes and views on your posts

Users also have the option to choose whether others see the number of likes and views on their posts.

If you want to hide the likes and views on a post you are about to share, just tap on the ‘Advanced settings at the bottom before sharing the post and tap on ‘Hide like and view counts on this post.

Instagram also has the option to let users hide the number of likes and views for a post that is already shared. If you want to do so, open the post you want to hide likes and views count for, tap on the three-dot menu on the top right of the post and select the ‘Hide like count’.

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