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Instagram will allow users to post content from their desktops and even tablets



Instagram New Features


  • Instagram is planning to provide a user browser experience similar to the application.
  • The feature has been highly requested by fans of the platform.
  • Instagram to soon let you post from your desktop, laptop, and even tablet.

Instagram announced that you could send and receive direct messages from your computer while browsing your feed. It’s a welcome addition, and undoubtedly more convenient to use a full keyboard

This new functionality could feel like a welcome change as currently, users can only view Instagram posts on their desktops or laptops.

Using Instagram with a Desktop Web Browser

You can access the Instagram website with a regular web browser on a desktop or laptop.

When you’re logged into your account through the website on a desktop browser, you can view photos, like photos, and even comment on photos, but one thing you can’t do is post new photos. There’s no way to upload them–the usual camera icon.

A recent leak has suggested that Instagram might soon allow users to post pictures and videos through the desktop version of their platform. Leakster Alessandro Paluzzi has claimed that the social media platform is testing the new feature.

Benefits of new features:

  • The user can use images and videos in the local computer storage to upload them to Instagram.
  • They will have the option to add filters, crop images before posting them. The image can also be edited, cropped, etc, just like you would on the app.
  • The desktop version will also allow the user to add a description and location, similar to the process on the application.
  • Users can also add location tags to their posts.
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This will make it much easier for users to post content from all sources, thereby attracting a whole new range of users. However, there are a couple of functionalities that might not be added. It is suggested that people won’t be able to take pictures from their desktops/laptops to post on Instagram.

Instagram New Features: Launch date

Unfortunately, there is no information on when Instagram will roll this feature out. But there is every reason to think that Facebook / Instagram will announce it in the near future.

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